Should we honour Atta's wishes?

I wouldn’t go as far as Flymaster, an actual grave would be torn apart in minutes, which would suck for the innocents in the neighboring plots.

I’m leaning toward the Hitler model. Cremate him and scatter the ashes in secret. Build a gynecology clinic, or something else suitably female-centric, over the site, if you want to be ironic.

Corpse desecretion would make great propaganda for Osama and other terrorist organizations. Let’s not give them the ammunition.

I believe this has already been accomplished in a most horrific manner.

Should we find some charred bone fragment or lip snarl left, I’d like to see it mixed with ex-lax and hand-blown through an enema tube by Madonna into a sow pig’s ass. After 30 minutes on a rollercoaster, lead the sow onto a Vegas hooker’s soiled bedsheet and let the porker shit like it’s never shat before. Then fly the bedsheet like a flag over the rebuilt WTC as a big f*ck you to any other rectal wart that’s considering mass murder in the name of their godforsaken, bastardized religion.

Wait…first of all, I don’t know what the hell your being a Libertarian has to do with anything, but ignoring that, you don’t believe that criminals have RIGHTS? You have to be kidding me. It’s right there in the Constitution. You know, that old document? “Cruel and unusual punishment” and all that? A will is a legally binding document. The dead DO have rights, and criminals have rights. The fact that you would take those away from him based on his crime makes me think that you are not exactly the model “Libertarian.”

No, I don’t, and frankly I don’t think I would make that arrest, either. But what the law dictates should be done, and what an INDIVIDUAL agent of the law decides he wants to do, possibly against orders, should be two seperate things.

I think we should desecrate Atta’s grave. I don’t think the government should officially allow this to happen.

i wonder what she would charge to perform this service? would tickets be available, or maybe the pay-per-view franchise would be the way to go?..