Should we try a Capital Region Dopefest again?

Our last Dopefest didn’t go so well, because there was a GIANT SNOWSTORM that day. (But **taxi78cab ** was a hero!) I had said we’d try in June or July again, so would people be up for it? Here’s the list again:

little nemo

As I recall, people were interested. Maybe we could get some suggestions on what people wanted to do? Last time we had thought about the museum, then a bar downtown or something.

This was **Exgineer’s ** suggestion last year:

  • As far as I know, parking at the Plaza is free and open to the public on weekends, and it’s close to the State Museum. If we want to go to a pub afterwards there are a couple right there on Madison (I think) or we could just follow the enclosed and covered walkways down to Pearl and get to Jillian’s or one of the other six hundred bars down there without exposing ourselves to the elements.*
    Sounds good to me.
    If so, we need to plan a date. I’m sure Father’s Day weekend (June 18 & 19) is out for most people, and June 25th is out for me. So we’re either talking June 11th, or into July, which would be after the 4th.

I also recall **Exgineer ** sending me an e-mail saying he’d be busy a certain week in June, but I’ve lost the e-mail, so you’ll have to tell me again.

What says everybody? I’m dying to meet you all!

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I’d be up for it. I have a longer drive now, since I moved even further away from Albany, but I’d still make the trek down there to meet you all. It’s not like I’m doing anything productive up here.

I’d like to bump this! Anyone? Bueller?

Ooooh, me! Me!! I’m here, and I’m interested in another DopeFest!

This coming weekend (6/10-12) KeithT’s going to be here (YAY!); other than that, my June weekends are free. I’ll be away July 1-5 and 16-17. That’s it for my schedule.

Oh, I dunno.

Looks like a poll to me.


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Sure! I’d love to co–

You damn Canucks! You almost had me. Capital area, eh? :wally

There are a lot of “Capital Regions.” There was no way to tell from the title of this thread which of them you meant. I suggest that you use a clearer expression in the future.

:rolleyes: The rolleyes aren’t meant toward you, just in general. Last time I was (mildly) scolded for saying Albany. I’ll see if a mod can edit it for me.

Got an e-mail from **Exgineer ** saying he’s interested.

Let’s plan it for weekend of July9-10. What says everyone?

July 9-10th works for me just. Man, lots of traveling that month…I’m visiting friends 4th of July weekend. Six hour drive each way, then an almost four hour drive to Albany. The things I do just to have fun!