Shove your litres and kilos up your arse

The European Commision has conceeded that trying to persuade the UK to accept/embrace these poncy Continental units is a lost cause.

I, along with most of the residents of the UK, could have told them that yonks ago.

Long live pints and miles:D

Looks at chowder with blank eyes and facial expression:
Join us… join us! Come to the metric side, only a couple of meters this way.

Ah, yes, the Imperial Yonk. How long is it again?? :smiley:

Geez, chowder, get with the friggin’ program will you? I know you’re old and set in your ways (my dad, even 30 yrs after decimal currency was introduced still referred to his money as pence and pounds, silly old fart), but converting to metric is the only way to go. Give it a couple of years, and even YOU will be happier to rant in powers of 10 rather than the archaic hotch-potch you deal with now.

Fuddy-duddy. :D:D

I’m quite happy getting trollied on litres of beer, rather than pints. After the first 3-4 litres such problems simply fade away.

What sort of use is a pint of petrol? It’s not like anyone sells it in gallons.

I’m going to drink 0.00135 durfnzas of beer (or 1 Yuggtra) in the honor of alternative measurement systems!

Sorry to break it to you, but most of us under-30s already work in metric and then convert back where necessary. Metric was what we were taught in school and, most importantly, what we were taught to estimate in. With the exception of “pints”, every other bit of Imperial measurement is a right hassle for us to deal with.

Frankly, we’re just waiting for a couple of long cold winters to thin out your werthers-loving, readers-digest-reading, ranks a little. Then we’ll announce that we’re remaking The Good Life staring Billie Piper and some ex-boyband bloke, and while you’re busy writing outraged letters to the Daily Mail we’ll sneak through some metric legislation without you noticing.

Old I may be, set in my ways I’m most certainly not.

Permit me:

Back in 1971 I welcomed the change from 240 pence to the pound to the more sensible 100. It seemed the most sensible thing to do even after years of groats, bushels, peck and hectares.

But you’ll take away my pints and miles when you pry them from my cold dead fingers.

And another thing while I’m at it, you can also stuff the Euro up yer bum as well.

::sings, Rule Britannia:: and tugs forelock;)

Yes you see, I think I have found the root of the problem. Back in 1971 you certainly were not set in your ways… :smiley:

Wasn’t switching to metric the same as Great Britain losing to France? The last vestige of Empire departs with the pound as it walks it’s last mile to surrender over a last pint of a pub beer.

Losing to France?.:confused:

France and Britain do have a record for fighting, and France is responsible for the metric system.

Aye. I can eyeball in SI units a hell of a lot easier than what I can in Imperial units and its what I’m far more comfortable with. Plus the maths is easier.

France may be responsible for the metric system, we’ve been responsible for kicking their arses on numerous occasions :smiley:

hmm, I can’t decide which rude, smart-ass, tongue-in-cheek comment is better, so I’ll let you choose.

  1. Lots of bullies have beaten up the smart kids, only to be left behind once they reach maturity.

  2. So your stubbornness, isolationism and general bullying is stopping you from making the smart move?

  3. Buckeyes!

/tongue firmly in cheek

I believe that is why they developed the metric system in retaliation. It wasn’t as fast acting as The Worlds Funniest Joke developed during WWII by Ernest Scribbler of Finchley. The German counter joke can be listed here as it’s entirely not lethal or funny. “My dog has no nose.” “How does it smell?” “Awful!” Delivery by a short man with one testicle and a funny mustache didn’t make it any funnier.

This is meant to be a light hearted thread.

Don’t get all shitty about it.

And Buckeyes to you,with knobs on:p

Since it has been mentioned in the Opal Pit thread that some posters think a list should now be made up with 3. Buckeyes or a different word (see the thread) instead of 3. Hi Opal I will point out with this implementation that it is against the rules to harass and defame posters. Please save this for the Pit or better yet don’t do it.

So given the choice of a pint of beer or a litre of beer, you’d be a more responsible drinker and take the pint. :wink:

It was meant in the lightest possible way of heart. I hoped I wouldn’t need smileys to indicate gentle ribbing.