Show me your awesome tshirts so I may purchase them

All right, I’m working from home now and no longer need to give even the passing nod to professionalism of wearing shirts without writing on them. Yet I should have something besides pajamas when I venture outside. I would like to see what awesome shirts you have found so I can get them for myself!

Here is my tshirt contribution: I draw pitcures all day tshirt We know what you guys think of designers :slight_smile:

Sometimes, when I’m bored at work, I dig through tshirt sites and see what I can find.

I’ve been glad to purchase these few:

Polar bears



If I run across anymore tonight, I’ll wander back in and post them…

Brendon Small

do you want specific t-shirts or just places to find fun t-shirts?

I’ll give you both.

and aw, poor guy :frowning:

I am a (close to ) middle aged upper middle class white male who works in a suit and tie when out of the home office.

This is what I wear to my kids soccer games.

This site has some pretty good ones. A few of my favorites … Dalmations , Flamingo , Buffalo.

I really like the t-shirts at - I am particularly fond of this one . C’mon - join the rock ‘n’ roll! :cool:

My awesome t shirts are just below my equally awesome coffee mugs

Click on over to:

Buy some of Alley’s amazing hand-printed designs. I have, what, 6 of these now? Gawds I love 'em.

I’ve been eying up this shirt from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Blog - CHAUCER - Funnier than Dante, Prettier than Boccaccio

I also like this one: HOTTE COURTLIE ACCIOUN

Fat Guy Tshirts

Ironically, the model wearing the “I dare you to picture me naked” shirt looks like she has a nice rack.

I like the one in the OP, and I really like the Practical Rabbit ones.

Here is one of mine: Gravity-Free Zone. I wear it to the gym. :slight_smile:

You’re not worthy.

My favorite place for t-shirts is Threadless. My current favorite is this one.

Imaginary Foundation

Okay, that’s hilarious.

Wow. Just… wow.

Wow, these are some great tshirts. Thanks!

I still want Unca Cecil to sell this one:

(Possibly someone more of a designer that I am could make the ‘Whoosh’ out of phrases like: “When come back, bring pie” “Og Smash” “Hi Opal!” etc.)

Right?! They’re really high-quality shirts, too.

Speaking of, I’m always nervous about buying shirts from places like Café Press, because I don’t know how to tell what’s a good quality T material and what isn’t. Especially in white shirts, because I hate white Ts that you can see through. Anybody got a primer on T-shirt material, and how to tell good from bad?