Show your patriotism by urinating on Pink Floyd!

(I’m too tired for a real Pit rant, but this got my goat…)

So it’s the first night in forever that I’ve had both the time and the inclination to veg in front of the television, and all the channels have been commandeered by “America: A Tribute to Heroes”. Sure, it sounded like it might be bad, but with Springsteen, Billy Joel, Neil Young, U2…how bad could it be?

A lot of what I saw wasn’t that bad. Most of the songs seemed half-hearted, as they usually do when a band is trying to do a live show without a live audience. (Especially Tom Petty. Has he gained a lot of weight, or is it the beard?)

But who the hell were those fucksticks doing “Wish You Were Here”? They were doing a bad job of it to begin with, and then they got to their new lyrics. The new verse was about what you’d expect–something about being able to stop everybody from hating. Then they tried to sound all sentimental around the chorus, adding “Glad you were here…”

This always chaps my ass–a big tragedy happens, and someone takes a song written for someone else and makes up new, timely lyrics. (See also Elton John.) To me, it’s like scraping one person’s name off a tombstone and carving in someone else’s name. If you feel bad enough to construct a tribute, construct a damn tribute–don’t cut and paste someone else’s.

As for those cockwrenches, whoever they were, I can only hope that Syd Barrett comes out of his parents’ basement and personally beats some ass.

Dr. J

I believe it was Fred Durst and that guy from the Goo Goo Dolls, for the record.

My sentiments exactly.

Good line ! – not sure if he’s got the teeth left, though, to chew through the tethering.

Neil Young always makes me feel like climbing barricades again. And Ali…leaves me speechless.

I liked that they almost all managed to not flirt with the camera (the middle-distance gaze) and it was pretty ‘un-plugged’.

Dear Spam, I’m glad I didn’t see it. Wish You Were Here is one of my favorite songs… the last thing I need is to see some sentimental dick toying around with it.

The only thing that would get Roger Waters and David Gilmour to team up again would be an opportunity to beat those morons with baseball bats.

Damned if he don’t! I hear “Ohio” and I get pissed like it was thirty years ago! Missed him on this show, though. I walked into the room when those guys started the Floyd rape and asked wife, “Who are these people who can’t sing?”

“I don’t know, but there have sure been a lot of people who match that description on this show.”

Damn it. The sentiments and the cause don’t make a fuck??? It’s just the song and who did it?? You people missed the boat somewhere. Y’all just crawl back in your holes and stay there.

Reeder, you know us well enough to know that “the sentiments and the cause” have been foremost in our minds lately.

So because we had a tragedy on our hands, we’re suddenly “missing the boat” if everyday minor annoyances continue to… y’know… annoy us?

Fuck off, you self-righteous semen stain.

I just have to hijack for a moment to say a word about Elton John and Candle in the Wind.

Elton John and his partner wrote a beautiful, poignant song about Marilyn Monroe. Later, Elton John devoted much time and energy to the AIDS cause. Through this cause, he became a personal friend of Diana, Princess of Wales. At the same time, the song became a symbol of the AIDS movement, and was played by many people, including Elton John himself, to commemorate those who died of AIDS. The song took on a more universal meaning about senseless loss.

When Diana was killed in a car accident, it seemed inevitable that the poignant song associated with one of her causes would become a tribute to her. Elton John and his partner wrote some additional lyrics to their own song to pay tribute to Elton’s friend. Proceeds from the sale of the song were donated to Diana’s charities.

I just don’t get where the bashing surrounding all of this comes in. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all rewrites of songs are appropriate. But this one was.[/hijack]

Dude. Did he just say “make a fuck”? :wink:


Forgive me if I don’t lower myself to your “witty” level…

But someone who donates his time and energy and expenses out of his own pockets…annoys you because you don’t agree with the way it was done??

Says a lot about you doesn’t it?

I heard Bernie Taupin on the radio before Diana’s death and he described their songwriting method as “Elton sends me a tape with the music and I fax him lyrics to fit the music.” As Elton is the tune guy, following that method, he wouldn’t have had anything to do with WRITING that song after he wrote the tune in 1972. But he gets all the credit.


That’s about as pittish as I can do. I promise I will work on it.

At exactly three minutes into the song ‘On the Run’, in Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, there is a very graphic imagery of a plane crash.

This isn’t ‘The Wizard of OZ’. But is is a Crusade.

It’s ok, Reed, I was referencing the movie Clerks. Not making fun of you particularly.

This is why I don’t like to post in the Pit. No matter what I say, I get jumped on.[sub]boohoo, poor pitiful little SpoilerVirgin, afraid of the Pit…[/sub]

I added the words “and his partner” specifically because I wanted to give credit to the author of the lyrics. I just couldn’t remember exactly how to spell Bernie Taupin’s name, and took the coward’s way out.

I still feel that the criticism of the rewrite of Candle in the Wind that I’ve seen in a number of SDMB threads is unwarranted.

::slinks off to GQ, where she belongs::

Um, excuuuuuuuuse me. I think if you bother to go read a few of the other threads around here, you’ll see that we are all very much attuned to the horrific disaster of 9/11/01 :frowning:

That does NOT mean that it takes precedence over every other aspect of our lives and what we care about. I think the current push is that we should stay motivated to find the monsters that did this, but “Get on with our lives” so as to not let the terrorists win. Well, Reeder Welcome to “Getting on with our lives”. I can’t fault the sentiment, but I will fault the execution here. “Wish You Were Here” already had a purpose when it was written, and the song happens to mean a lot to some of us. I’ll certainly agree that at times in the past, listening to it has brought tears to my eyes thinking about someone I’ve lost. That doesn’t give me the right to add another verse to the song on national television, major tragedy or no. But if integrity in music isn’t something you care about, then feel free to to listen to Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice, and leave us to our rant about Pink Floyd.

(I will say that while I didn’t much care for the re-write of "Candle in the Wind either, I can’t fault Sir Elton for that. At least it’s his own damn music.)

I, for one, don’t have a hole to crawl back into. So you’ll pardon me if I don’t crawl off anywhere. :slight_smile: But if the music you’re playing doesn’t express the sentiment you need, then please have the decency to write your own.


Can I just add that insanity has not been kind to Mariah Carey? Did you see her segment?
And where’d they find a self-respecting African-American willing to play with Bon Jovi?

Yes. It does. Because it was done BADLY.

Let’s put it this way… I greatly enjoy Wish You Were Here. I find the song to be very emotionally rewarding, and calming. The changes as were described in the OP ruin the song. It gives it a whole 'nother meaning, a meaning that - IMOSHO - is detrimental to the overall effect of the song. And these changes were made simply to add more feel-good quality to it, nothing more.

Yeah. It says I don’t like it when someone fucks up a good song. What do you think it says about me, O Pinnacle Of Wisdom?