Showgirls on basic cable?

Apparently VH1 is going to broadcast the movie Showgirls. I have to wonder why. I assume they’ll follow their past practice and edit out any nudity. And who’s going to want to watch the thirty minute movie that is left? That movie had so much casual nudity that they’re going to lose a lot of dialogue if they cut the scenes. Will they try some kind of extreme pan&scan or black bars or digital blocking instead? But the bigger question remains; without getting to see a lot of nekkid wimmens, why would anyone want to watch this movie?

They’ve been showing it for some time, using CGI bras, which look as stupid as the rest of the movie.

This is one of those broadcast decisions which baffle me. If you don’t want to watch this for the nudity, you would want to watch it for its camp value. But then, you’d want the nudity for the sake of it. And the cursing. And the sex scenes. It’s just so lame. I’ve watched parts of it so I can see the terrible CGI bras, and see them float around erratically. It reminded me of those old pens, that had pictures of people on them, and when you turn the picture upside-down, the undergarments disappear. What I question is what the point is of airing this on VH1? Who is the intended audience? Thirteen-year-old boys?

Just in case you’ve ever been impressed with her erudition, one CrankyAsAnOldMan, PhD, once located this on VH1 while I was at her house and insisted we watch it. We watched for at least 45 minutes before our brains began to dribble out our ears.

Why, indeed.

…Just a few weeks ago, I went on a quest in Hollywood to find a naked-lady, floaty pen. I also enjoy wasting a Sunday afternoon watching Showgirls edited to high hell on VH1. Why? Why not!

…and naked, floaty pens RULE!

Of course, taking the nudity out of Showgirls makes it an even more perfect parody of the genre.

Or so I’ve been led to believe.

Then you obviously don’t understand satire.

Of course, I mean to say “satire”, but by using “parody”, I was striving for a satire of the concept…

Okay, I screwed up. Leave me alone.

CGI bras? These career paths were not even open when I was young!

I’ve never seen the movie, but I want to. For the good acting.

I say Verhoeven’s a misunderstood genius, and that the only thing better than Starship Troopers is watching it right after you’ve just seen Showgirls. It’s one of the best satires ever made. Ever.

Oh, and lissener says “hi”. :smiley:

He’s never far from my heart.