Showing search results without the search terms showing in red?

It seems many Dopers show links to old threads without any of the search words showing up in red. I can’t figure how they do this, unless they have bookmarked them in the past, or searched the names of people they remember posted to the thread.

For example, if I wanted to find that thread about “The Horror of Blimps”, this is how it would show up:

Apologies for not putting links to searches that don’t end up in red. The server is very slow today, and I don’t know an easy way to search for "search results from old threads that don’t show search terms in red.

When you get the URL from search, it will have a parameter on the query string with the search terms listed, like this:


Simply delete that part, and the words “horror” and “blimps” will not show up in red.

Blimps with highlight

Blimps without highlight

Hey, thanks ! That’s fantastic !

Again I leave the Straight Dope a wiser woman. It pays to ask questions.