Shows that went past there prime

While reading Eutychus thread about TV Shows you’re glad DID get cancelled I got to thinking about TV shows that went way past there prime. This includes shows past and present.

The X-Files :You can only tease someone for so long about “finding the truth” before it gets old…and it never was the same after Duchovney left.

Friends:Put this show to pasture already. Everyone’s either getting married or having babies, enough already.

The Simpsons:I really think this show needed to end a few years ago. I remember an Episode where Bart says something to the effect “If I had a show I would run it into the ground.” Obviously Matt Groening thinks the same thing.

In Living Color:This got to be cheesy towards the end. I recall Marlon Waynes saying he was glad it finally died.

Rosanne:After they hit the lottery it pretty much lost it’s appeal.

Lois and Clark:It took them forever to get married, something was always interfering. After awhile it got to be ridiculous. Then it ends with a baby magically appearing out of no where!?

I’ve come up with this theory, if the characters on a TV show start getting married and having babies… then it’s a good chance the show is getting past it’s prime.

See Jump the Shark

I think Saturday Night Live is really shitty now, especially since Will Ferrel has left.



Seinfeld, ditto Friends


I just second the
The Simpsons.

I’ll also third the X-Files and
twenty-fourth The Simpsons.

The X-Files had to be the most disappointing show ever. My wife cleared out a few boxes of stuff the other week, and we found a special edition Entertainment Weekly put out around 1997-8, where they rank the top-100 TV shows of all time… and they have the X-Files ranked fifth. Mary Tyler Moore was #1, btw.

L.A. Law should have called it quits about 3 seasons sooner than it did.

It’s much harder to name a show that DIDN’T go past its prime…