Shows with a great premise but terrible execution

IMO, Almost Human was also killed by Fox running the episodes out of order. The creators had clearly developed a story arc of the evolving relationship between Kennex and Dorian, but when Fox shuffled the order of the episodes, the story arc made no sense. “Hey, wait, why is Kennex back to treating Dorian like an appliance this week?”

Even if they didn’t set it in an insurance company, there are so many ways this could have developed better. What about the doctors that treat people injured by a supervillain’s gas attack? Or the lawyers who prosecute said baddies? What about a school teacher with a classroom full of kids, one or two of which are starting to manifest powers, whether good, evil, or benign? There are so many ways they could have done better at world building, but we never seemed to leave the office.

That was a pretty hard let-down, wasn’t it? So much promise, unfulfilled.