Showtime's new series House of Lies

The other day I caught this preview of Showtime’s new comedy series House of Liesabout a bunch of management consultants. As someone who spent many years as a management consultant, I have trouble believing this series will be very successful. Sure, it’s a ridiculous profession, but I just can’t see how one can make a show about a bunch of MBAs in business suits dragging rollar suitcases around airports and talking about Starwood points while they bill the client for bottle service at some hotel nightclub in Saskatchewan.

And that it also starts Kristen Bell sort of lends a kind of Sarah Marshall-y made-up show feel.

I’ve given up on this. Every episode is the same: Team flies to meet some ridiculous business executive, Don Cheadle and/or Kristen Bell bangs the hot guest star in the most outrageous way possible, the other two guys play an alpha-beta game of sexual-conquest boasting (if these two don’t hook up secretly before the end of the season, I’d be mildly surprised), the team scatters enough bullshit to save the day and con millions from the dopes who listen to them, one of the team has a brief crisis of conscience as some reality intrudes, cut to black.

I get that the whole show is mocking the business culture and the obscenity of the filthy rich, but the satire is so over-the-top that its ineffective. And although I don’t necessarily mind that the main characters are unlikeable, their cynicism is so predictable that the show seems like a 30-minute jerk-off for folks who want to lampoon the 1%. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’ve got better things to do.

I’ve been enjoying it - a show doesn’t have to be particularly realistic for me to like it. If I wanted a realistic work environment, I’d just hang around my workplace more. I think Don Cheadle is very charismatic and I like the joking interplay among the rest of his team. I also love Roscoe - he’s a hoot.

I like it, and feel that the predictable consulting-related stories are just cover for the way more interesting character stuff. We know a little about Marty, now we’re starting to learn about Jeannie, and I expect to learn about Doug and Clyde as the season/series progresses. So far, at least, I find it entertaining. I think the fact that the eps are only 30 minutes long helps.

I really love Ben Schwartz and I’m a big fan of Cheadle and Bell so I was really excited about this… but man, it’s just not working for me.

New character played by Griffin Dunne coming…

Yeah, but he looks really old. Which makes me sad. :frowning: