Shrek II: What was all the ado about?

Mrs. Mercotan and I finally got around to seeing “Shrek II” last night, on DVD. We’d thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Given all the hype about how great a flick the sequel was, and given its tremendous Box Office Mojo, we were sort of expecting to be rendered inarticulate by laughter and/or awe, or at least blown away by special effects.

End result? It was a nice movie. Some laughs, a lot of “well, that was amusing”, but at the end, we both thought “that’s it? WTF?” Puss in Boots was not that impressive (we’d been led to think otherwise), and the rest of the characters seemed to reprise their previous roles nicely, but that was about it. We agreed that the both of us liked “The Incredibles” about 10 times more.

Anyone want to 'splain it to us? Did we miss something? :confused:

I was also unimpressed. It came out (I think) two weeks ago, and we still have ten full cases (30 copies/case) in the stockroom at the Target I work at. I guess not many other people were impressed, either.

…and yet it somehow has made over $440 million!

Your reaction mirrors my reaction to the first one. While I thought it was mildly amusing my only endearing memory was “Did they ask Eddie Murphy to yell all his lines or was it his choice?” I will probably never see the newer one.

Both my kids (15 and 21) felt the same way, while I liked it quite a bit, more than the first one.

I liked the Incredibles as well.

I dunno, maybe you have to be more into pop culture references and funky 70’s music and goofy fairy tale characters. I adored the Fairy Godmother. Will Shrek 2 stand the test of time? Probably for me it will, don’t know about everyone else.

Actually that isn’t true. I thought the same about Mike Myers. All I remember about the movie is shouted dialogue.

But most of that was in Box Office, right? I think this is more of a “see it once” movie, not a “I need this on my shelf” movie.

I was pulling movies from the stockroom all day yesterday. Shrek 2 was on sale for about $15. The computer system has me pull exactly what we sell throughout the day, and I kept track of how many of this movie I was pulling. The final tally, at the end of my 8 hours: Full-screen - 18 copies; Wide-screen - 8 copies.

On a day where we sold $28,000 worth of DVDs from 6 a.m. till 5 p.m., we only sold 26 copies of Shrek 2 in that period.

Hey man, I went disco! Cheered for Tony Minero, King of the Discos! I had a leisure suit, platform shoes, and all that! Shook my booty to plenty of funky 70’s music like the Bee Gees, the Ohio Players, TSOP, I even boogie oogied with “The Amazing Funk Monster”!

So that ain’t it! :wink:

Yep. That’s just domestic. Worldwide is a little over $885 million.

I liked it.

De gusitbus non est disputandum.

I didn’t even like the first one. The second one literally put me to sleep. For some reason it seems like people will take their kids in droves to any CGI piece of crap no matter how lame.

I wish that technology would get used for something besides cheeseball kids’ movies.

I just watched it this morning. I thought it was cute. I think all the hype gets people’s expectations too high.

I didn’t think it was that great either. In my circle, however, I seem to be the only one who feels this way. (sigh) I felt the same way about Elf.

I didn’t think the first one was that great, or looked that great in the first place; I only went because my mom and sister wanted to see it. I told myself I wasn’t going to waste my time and see the second one. But of course, I did. I went over to a friend’s house with a bunch of other people and they all wanted to watch Shrek II…sigh. It was mildly entertaining, but nothing special. I agree that Puss in Boots wasn’t as great as they made him out to be. He just kinda joined the hero side with no real reason, or a reason that I could see. Still, all my friends loved him.

Glad to see I’m not the only party pooper.

I was one of the few people who wasn’t a big fan of the original Shrek. There were a few highlghts here and there (especially the “ogres are like onions” sequence, which seems like a modern-day Abbott and Costello routine), but it ran too long, in my opinon. Shrek 2 improves on the original, but not that much. I give both of them neither a thumbs up or thumbs down- more of a vertical thumb.

I loooooved Shrek 2. Mike Meyers has yet to make a movie I don’t like, so I’m sure that’s part of it. However, I agree with the people who say Puss in Boots wasn’t all he was made out to be - I expected him to have a much greater part in the movie.

Overall, though, I really liked Shrek 2. It’s one of the few movies that I really could have put in as soon as it was done and watched it again immediately.


(you mean horizontal?)

I didn’t like the first movie, so I’d say, “Shrek: What was all the ado about?”

I hate potty humor. Hate it, hate it. Cartoon potty humor is no more fun that live-action, to me, and the original Shrek was all about the potty humor, at least it seemed that way. Bleah.

That’s what I meant. I guess I should have said “sideways thumb.”

The first Shrek was a gem. Shrek 2 suffered from higher expectations because of the original’s success. The first Shrek also benefited from the fact that you weren’t completely sure how it was going to end (although it became quite obvious before the end). Shrek 2 was completely predictable from beginning to end, and had to rely on sit-com-like humor (like meeting the in-laws). I liked them both.