Shrinkage (Southeast Asia, not Seinfeld)


Ok, this one’s a little bizarre. In response to the comment towards the end of “Why does the penis shrink when it’s cold?” re: Singapore health scares regarding penile inversion (always wanted to write that), that’s not exactly all there is to it.

Let’s see, how to explain this. There is an extremely rare psychological disorder known as koro, which, as I understand it, has been documented in Indonesia and other regions in Southeast Asia. It is characterized by an irrational fear of the penis withdrawing entirely into the body, and is generally accompanied by the sufferer hanging on to the selected organ for dear life, sometimes for periods of days at a time. As far as I know (and hope), there is no medical basis for this fear.

I don’t have my references in front of me, sorry, but I know that I have seen write-ups on it in past issues of Fortean Times, possibly in one of the Fortean Times books (Strange Days), and in News of the Weird archives. While I realize that the Fortean Times is probably not the absolute most legitimate source for news, it seems to be fairly stable and reliable regarding this sort of phenomenon.

Further information would be absolutely NOT useful in any way, and is therefore desired.


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In her repsponse, SDSTAFF Jill says,

but Peter didn’t ask about drawing their drawing up to the body, he asked about shrinkage, and of the penis specifically (of the George on Seinfeld kind, I’d imagine).

The penis does get smaller when it’s cold, and I think it would happen whether or not (tough thought) the guy had testicles.

Maybe it’s the blood vessels contracting in the penis, similar to the way they do in the skin, to maintain temp?

Just a thought… Jill?

[[In her repsponse, SDSTAFF Jill says,

“the testicles are the part of the apparatus that draws up close to the body when it’s cold”

but Peter didn’t ask about drawing their drawing up to the body, he asked about shrinkage, and of the penis specifically (of the George on Seinfeld kind, I’d imagine).]]

I forgot to mention that masturbation will screw up your spelling and grammar.

Im’ just kididding!

(and you’re probably right that cold causes the penis to shrink a bit, too.)

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Thanks JillGat :slight_smile:

I’ll admit I haven’t tested a large cross section of the male population, but the evidence is pretty strong. If you find some willing subjects :smiley: and get different results :eek: let me know!

And sorry about my drawing their drawing!

The eminent american naturalist and author Mark Twain, in his address to the Stomach Club of Paris, “Some Thoughts on the Science of Onanism,” mnakes no mention of shrinkage in human or animal studies. So you can stop hanging on to it.

Great website. But what the heck is the “Stomach Club”?

From what I’ve seen the Stomach Club was an irregular group of pre-W.W.I Anglophone expats in Paris and it was traditional for selected members to address the group on subjects that couldn’t be mentioned in public. No idea when it began or ended or who the members might have been. It seems to be famous today for the fact that Twain’s address, later published in an understandably limited run, was on masturbation.