Shut le fuck up, loud-assed commercials on cable networks!

I’m a night owl. I like to work on the couch with my laptop, with Jon Stewart or Keith Olbermann in the background. Regrettably, these fine fellows are on cable networks, where lengthy commercial breaks are the norm. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now commercial-makers, or network minions, are jacking up the volume during ad breaks, so that your ears start bleeding as some twat attempts to sell you fake boner pills, or buy the Girls Gone Mad video, or some crap service that will melt the metal in your mouth for a few bucks.

Seriously, do these morons think that YELLING their message will move more of their crappy products?

Apply Directly To The Forehead! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not intentional. Fascinating read.

Just DVR it. Bite the bullet. Wait one day for your entertainment. It is so worth it.

I’ve noticed this starting a few years ago. My Dad has become accustomed to turning the volume WAY down just as his show is going off for commercial. It’s sick.

For some reason, on my Comcast digital cable system, all the REALLY LOUD commercials are for Comcast itself. And Comcast advertises its services a lot.

The Daily Show is one of the worst. Actually, Comedy Central in general. The show’s volume is low. I turn it up to hear the dialog. A commercial comes on and I’m nearly blown out of my chair. It’s really bad when babies are asleep and I have to keep the remote in my hand at all times.