Shut the fuck up about Sven and Ulrika

The British press still worries about that sort of thing?

How quaint!


aaargh! preview preview preview!And I thought I’d be the first…

I think the whole unsavoury tone of the reporting of this liaison has been sadly misguided and sorely lacking in correct moeurs.

The Press should confine their interest in the England Manager to his tactical awareness and skill in outwitting the competition.

For example, if he is seeing Ulrike this Friday at, say, 7:30pm (BST) aand he makes sure that he doesn’t arrange to see Nancy (his Current Squeeze) at the same time on Friday, which is also 7:30pm (BST), then I would argue that his juggling of two valuable but conflicting resources has been successful in its outcome, subject to him being invited in for ‘coffee’ afterwards, of course.

That should be the only requirement of an England Football Supremo, only normally there would be eleven to worry about of course. (So two should be a piece of cake, really.)

Sven Goran Ericksson and Ulrika Johnson.

it is headline news.

I fucking hate the British Tabloid press. fucking muck slinging disinformation despots. their White Van man In-Ger-Land mentality fucking does my head in. These people don’t give a fuck who’s lives they distroy just so they can sell another paper.

Satan’s scaley pecker is awaiting these vultures.

But, TwistofFate - I worry about which would win, in a fight between a pecker and a vulture!


That’s the type of news that sells papers and commercial space on TV? When nobody gives a rat’s ass?

I don’t get it.

Now, if they were touting partially clad photos of Nigella Lawson…

Eriksson did Ulrika Johnson?

Duuuuude… nice goin’! :slight_smile:

A Swedish newspaper had a poll in Sven Göran Eriksson’s home town about it the other day and everyone asked said something like “It’s nobody’s effing business but their own”. I couldn’t agree more.

Sounds like you do need to do a bit of reading then?

The tabloids are, of course, total shite. That’s why I don’t read 'em.

She was born in Sweden all right, but moved to Englad at the age of thirteen, when her mother married an Englishman.

Unfortunately it has been all over the Irish papers as well. Now that is very fucking sad.

Indeed. I’m quite jealous.

Jeez, I thought everybody knew about Sven and Ulrika! They’re even on the front pages here in Sapporo, Japan.

No, not really. Sven will be coming to this little city in a month or so to face Argentina in a World Cup match, and I wish England the best of luck.

You ain’t the only one, brother.