Shut the fuck up about Sven and Ulrika

Stop giving this country [UK] a horrible name for having the most evil and destructive press in the world. No one cares about Sven and Ulrika we don’t want to hear about it. We don’t want you to ruin their lives. We don’t want you to ruin anyone’s lives.

You come up with the feeble crappy slimy excuse “people want to know these things” well we FUCKING DON’T. Anyone who does want to know these things is extremely sad.
The UK (tabloid) press disgusts me. With the arrival of digital TV the TV news is getting just as bad. It is pure evil that gets a story about someone famous not being utterly perfect and chucks it into the newspaper without a second of thought.

It’s human nature to be imperfect. therefore it is completely forgivable that famous people happen to be as imperfect as the rest of us. Yet you evil bastards ruin their lives if they do anything slightly wrong.
I can’t express how wrong it feels when I think about it. This post has not begun to express it. I just can’t find the words.

Your link has done gone missing.

Not Sven and Ulrika! i love Sven and Ulrika! My favorite episode was when Sven joined the Army, with hilarious results! And then Ulrika decided to sell Vitameatavegamin, and hijinks ensued! And who can forget their neighbor, Urkel-Lars! And the episode they were trapped on the island with ALF!

What link?

Sven and Ulrika don’t sound like English names to me. Are you sure you’re in the right country?

The one that tells us who the hell Sven and Ulrika are. Or what the press is doing that’s so outrageous.

Paging Sven and Ulrika. Please meet your party at the main entrance reception desk.

Let me be the second to ask. Who the fuck are Sven and Ulrika.

Sorry I thought there were lots of ‘UK Dopers’ in the SDMB. A UK doper would know who sven and ulrika are because they can’t escape those names.

Sven is the swedish manager of the England football (whoops. sorry, soccer) team.

Ulrika is a weathergirl turned shooting stars guest turned gameshow presenter. She is from Sweden (I am not sure if she was born there or just has swedish parents.

p.s. I am not quite sure if it is sweden that they are from. I know it’s one of those north european countries.
Again I thought the SDMB was full of people from the Uk so this post would be understood.

They are constantly hounding the two every second of their lives because they are two unmarried people who might be having a relationship.

I mean constantly! Even ‘civilized’ TV and paper news won’t shut up about it.

It just downright pisses me off. The shittest thing about this once-great country I live in.

I understand and I’m fed up of the whole thing. It’s hardly as if hounding the England manager is going to make us do any BETTER in the World Cup, is it?

Grrr. The press seem to be addicted to any smidgen of gossip that they can turn into pages of lurid SCAAAANDAL.

Here’s a BBC link, fwiw.

The tabloid press started reporting it and shoving reporters onto Sven-Goran Erikkson’s front porch on Saturday.

Oddly enough, I’ve heard of Ulrika, assuming you’re referring to this Ulrika.

Just saw Tansu’s link and I was right.

The British press is pretty damn pathetic. Even the ‘quality’ papers are wasting ink reporting this crap.

Anyone not from the UK who wants to see the rubbish we Brits read in our newspapers, do a google search for “sven ulrika”

Even if there are a lot of UK dopers, they don’t make up the majority and so it is customary to give a link as a courtesy to the rest of us. :slight_smile:

Well, way to go Sven.

The inevitable cite

So, celebrities having extra-maritial sex is still considered news in England? How quaint. :wink:

Man, I was all excited thinking that I finally got my own pit thread. I was kind of wonder who this Ulrika person was, and why people need to shut the fuck up about us.

Oh well, carry on…

I think the whole point is it isn’t extra-marital. Both are single and their relationship, you’d think, is entirely their business. Especially as they don’t actually appear to have one. 90% of the story was in the fevered heads of tabloid journalists. I don’t think they’re getting any, so they have to get their jollies imagining others at it.

Anyway, I’m sure the English tabloids have the heartfelt thanks of all non-Englanders everywhere. It was beginning to look worryingly like England might be quite good and have something like a chance in the coming World Cup. But what with Beckam breaking his foot, and Sven being hounded night and day, the press might yet turn this unfortunate situation around.

Oh, and leave the UK out of this. This is a primarily an English preoccupation, thanks very much.

Is Ulrika left-footed?