Shut Up And Change The World

Or at least do it while you’re computer’s doing nothing.

IBM’s apparently the driving force behind this.

I started running that on my computer a couple of days ago, and have just started a team for the SDMB called the Teeming Millions. Come join me! The program itself is very unobtrusive, and hasn’t impaired my computer while it’s doing I’m doing my usual running of a zillion programs at once.

That reminds me. Does SDMB have a
SetiAtHome team?

I believe we do :slight_smile: Let me look it up!

I have joined the Teeming Millions team.

We’re up to three people now (who are you, Third Person?), making us #318 in the entire world. We can definitely do better than that - anybody else want to join us?

Yeah, but it’ll probably be overrun by people from Nigeria trying to write better spam letters.

Color me skeptical, confused, or dumber than a box of rocks, but just how does this help anyone or anything exactly? I just didn’t get it from the website.

Color me confused, but for different reasons:

I’ve been running United Devices, contributing computer time for cancer research for a few years now. ( has a StraightDope group, which I joined myself a couple of years ago.)

One of the projects showcased on the WorldCommunity Grid site is the Smallpox Research project, run by

One of the headlines on the site is the up-and-coming WorldCommunity Grid, which will run The Human Proteome Folding Project. There’s a mention that will be running the same project as well.

The partners for WorldCommunityGrid are IBM and United Devices.

The partners for are IBM and United Devices.

These are the same businesses, same people, planning to analyze the same kind of medical data in the same way they have for several years, and they’re doing it by…starting a new community?

Am I reading this wrong? Why would you want to start a new grid community from scratch, when you already have one in place? If they’re trying to attract new users to the new project, why not advertize the heck out of the established community instead of going to the trouble of starting a new one from scratch? As far as I can tell, there’s no difference between what does and what does. They’ll be competing with themselves for the same pool of users.

There’s no Mac OS version. Phooey.

I guess I’ll have to settle for searching for life in outer space, then.

Joined the team. Only have a lousy 1GHz Pentium though. It already almost ground to a halt solving a lot easier molecular conformation problems when I was doing my semester project a year ago, but oh well, better than nothing I guess.