Shut up you stupid piece of crap! OR "Raving and Ranting"

Alrighty, here’s the story the best I can put it it together at this early hour (unless you’re seeing it from this side, in which case it’s LATE!).

I went to a little rave tonight, one called “Love The Music”, which is a reference to the expression “Love the music, not the drugs!”, an expression commonly found on flyers for raves (promoters try very hard to minimize drug use at their raves because in many places if the cops shut down your party you can’t apply for another permit to throw one for like years.) Anyway, the entire idea of this party was to forget all of the bad press and the bad reputation that parties have, and come have a sober, responsible blast enjoying some GREAT music.

Now because this party was located in a fairly small town (San Marcos, Texas), the local police took an interest, and there were about 5 uniformed officers that were either inside or outside keeping an eye on things. They didn’t make a single bust, because the people at this party weren’t buying, selling or using drugs. The best part was that they were NICE about it. Yes, they were in there looking around seeing if the party needed to be closed, but they were also just preserving order and there was very much mutual respect between the kids and the cops. They made small talk with the people who were sitting near them, they even asked questions about the music and complimented some people’s dancing.

I didn’t see them hassle one kid unnecessarily (or necessarily, because there was no reason to), they were just doing their job and being really nice people about it, even though they didn’t have to be and weren’t expected to be. After one more famous DJ’s set, to which a lot of people had been dancing, there were a large number of people who stepped outside to cool off. Unfortunately, this meant that there were a large number of raver kids out on the sidewalk in San Marcos. Instead of yelling at us, threatening us, etc, the officers walked to each little group of kids, made jokes or talked about something for a minute, and then requested that they either head back inside or make their way home. Being treated with some respect by a police officer who by no means has to show you any fills you with a pretty powerful urge to return the favor and make his job easier. Nobody argued, and after a few minutes of people choosing whether to stay or go, saying goodbye, etc. everyone had complied with no argument. Everyone was behaving themselves, everyone was having a great time, everyone was recieving and returning respect, even the cops were having a good time.

Then comes this ASSHOLE’s turn to hold the microphone, and as a dj scratched out beats behind him, he would freestyle rap about the way people were dancing, what they were wearing, where they drove in from, etc. Just to impress us with his ability to rhyme rapidly. No problem until this dumb fucker launches off on a bizarre tirade about police messing with ravers- I don’t remember specifics, but he basically declared that all cops liked to push around ravers because they were mostly just kids and easy targets, and how all we want to do is dance and have a good time, and we have to put up with their harassment and violence toward us. He used the term “Pigs” a couple of times and spat these words with such venom and hatred… I was completely disgusted. So was pretty much everyone else in the room, no doubt including the police.

I couldn’t believe that this stupid shit decided to come to a party that’s all about how you can throw a rave, have fun and be legal, then see the police officers there interracting civilly and calmly with the law-abiding kids dancing inside, just keeping an eye on things and making sure that everything stays cool, then decide the best thing to do is declare that cops are violent “pigs” who like to push law-abiding kids around. I was sitting with a group at the time, and everyone stopped talking and just dropped their jaws, WHAT A DUMBASS!!

To their credit, the police did not beat the guy with clubs or even say anything to him, and their demeanor did not change toward us for the rest of the night. Many people (including myself) approached them and apologized and expressed our gratitude to them for spending their night keeping an eye on our party and doing so much more politely than necessary. Resume laughing, joking, dancing. The officer I spoke to patted me on the back and said something like “Don’t worry about it, I couldn’t understand most of what that guy was saying anyway”. I had a great night except for that, but I was mad at that guy for the rest of the time I was there, and was embarassed that on a night that’s all about how our scene is genuinely good and not centered around illegal activities, a night like that that’s going PERFECTLY, this total maggot would say some stupid inflammatory shit like that.

I’m very tired, hope that made sense.


Classy thing to do, LC. I’m glad you and others did so.

Have you thought about complaining to the organizers of the event about this particular jerk’s actions, or possibly writing a letter to the editor about it?