Siamese twin...

i have aserious question say that there were a set of siamese twins and one twin murdered some one how would they punish then because only one twin comited the muder?
(even though i know some people may be sayin g it wouldnt happen i still wounder)

I once knew of a couple that had Siamese twins. One was adopted.

There’s no precedence on this one as far as I can tell, but here are the issues as I see them.

Can an innocent person be imprisoned nonetheless? It’s happened. “Typhoid” Mary Mallon, a raging typhus carrier, was basically imprisoned for the rest of her life on North Brother Island to prevent a New York typhoid epidemic. The difference is, she was a continuing danger, whereas the murdering twin may not be. Most murderers just have the one murder in them. Aside from a courtordered separation if medically possible (which the twins could protest on privacy issues), if the murderer isn’t deemed a continuing threat I’m guessing they’d be set free. Then again, there’s no telling what a court will do. Here in Texas we’d probably kill the one and see if the other lived.

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There’s an old movie about just this topic. Violet and Daisy Hilton (also from Freaks, I believe) starred in it. I’ll google the title and get back to you.


Found it. Daisy and Violet (real life conjoined twins) appeared in “Chained for Life” and also in a sequel titled “Torn by a Knife.”

Check here for a cite.

Typhoid Mary wasn’t entirely innocent. The real risk with Mary was that she was a cook. She passed along the typhoid via the food she was preparing. The Board of Health had asked her several times to stop cooking, but she refused. Finally, having no other choice, they locked her away. She could have avoided it by finding some other line of work.

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IANAPTB,* but if one twin committed murder, the other twin would have to attempt to stop it.
That said, the innocent twin would, should the murder be carried through, be considered an accessory to murder, and therefore imprisoned as well.

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Not necessarily. To be an accessory you generally need to render some sort of aid, counsel, etc. either beforehand, during the commission, or after the fact by helping the murderer hide or avoid punishment. Conspirators generally have to have a beforehand agreement to commit the crime accompanied by an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, like buying a gun or “casing the joint”. Merely being present and failing to do anything to stop the murder won’t make you an accessory or conspirator in and of itself.

see iknow that you’d say well the one could try to stop the other but well what if A) the twin never speeks of what she will do and B) just kills her in an intance where the one was asleep or she could have knocked her out??? sounds odd but strangly enough it could happen…

SNL did a sketch like this years ago (i.e. the original cast). One twin was actually threatening to shot the other which made it even more complicated, legally. Fortunately they were talked out of it by a pair of Siamese Priests…