Sibirskij tsiryulnik - Banned in America?

Sibirskij tsiryulnik, Aka “The Barber of Siberia.” My Russian friend claims that this is one of the greatest movies ever and it was banned in the USA because it makes fun of an American officer (ridiculous). I say he can’t find it here because of a lack of interest. We can’t really find any evidence either way. Does anyone know for sure if this movie was banned in the U.S.A.?

I have never heard any such thing, and I know you can find Russian versions of the movie, mostly in Brighton Beach. The film was panned by the press in the 1999 Cannes Film Festival; most critics thought it was too long and over-indulgent. I’ve never seen the movie myself, but my friends tell me it’s quite beautiful, despite those faults. As far as I know, though, the film still doesn’t have an American distributor, and it’s not the easiest thing to find here in Europe, either. I would diregard that remark by your Russian friend. I’m sure you can probably find it playing in some of the art theatres at some point in the future (if they haven’t already been playing it.)

Well, the IMDb says nothing about it being banned, although it does not appear to have a U.S. release (or a Canadian release or a British release or an Australian release. . . .)

Review here.

Most reviewing sites are in Korean or Chinese.

From this board:

It’s not banned, it’s ignored.

Your Russian friend obviously hasn’t perused the US Constitution very thouroughly, especially the first amendment made to it. Of course, we might not want to chastise him for that fact, given that no one else here has raised the illegality of “banning” a movie…

While the federal government should be barred from such things, they do happen on state and local levels.

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