Sic transit gloria mundi: Dove Bars

Have you had a Dove Bar lately? (Ice cream, not soap.) Did you ever have one of the originals, from the 1980s? Then you realize that the current Dove Bars are a pale shadow of their former selves. Today’s are less than half the size of the early ones, and the chocolate coating is thinner.

I remember when eating a Dove Bar was a real exercise in excess. They were huge! And the coating was very thick. The package was a little cardboard box that could be turned into a tray through which you could poke the stick, so as to catch the big chunks of chocolate that inevitably fell off as you endeavored to consume the confection.

By contrast, the Dove Bars of today are little more than glorified Good Humor Bars. Yes, the chocolate is very good, and thicker than most other ice cream bars. But the whole experience is such a letdown from the splendor that was once the Dove Bar that it’s a little depressing.

How did it happen? I’ve read a little of the history of the Dove Bars, and it seems the original company was bought by Mars some time ago, but I think the change came well after the acquisition.

Did people complain that they were too big? Who were these people? Americans complaining of portions being too large? It seems inconceivable.

Or was this a slimy corporate plot to downsize the product while continuing to charge the same unit price? Did they shrink slowly over the years, or in one or two discrete jumps?

I still enjoy eating them, and I’m often tempted to eat two at once to recreate the good old days. I usually resist, but every time I do, I wish I could still get the old style big ones.

I got no help for ya, I too noticed that they aren’t the same, even the ice cream seems lower in butterfat…
My sadness is that I can’t find these delicious ice cream sandwiches called Biggy Iggy. They had a goofy looking guy on the package, the sandwich was ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. The wonderful part was, the ice cream was like soft serve, the cookies always soft as if underbaked. I get some now from Schwans but it’s just not the same.

Born and bred South Sider checking in…

I remember going to Dove Candies on 60th & Pulaski to get Dove Bars in the 70’s up until they sold out to Mars. It was a post-St. Rita’s treat. (Sunday Mass for you North Siders;)) Those Bars were massive! Imagine taking a half gallon brick of ice cream, slicing it width wise to get almost 2 inch slabs, sticking what seemed like tongue depressors in them and encasing them in chocolate so thick you had to break it in order to get at the ice cream.