Sick and tired

I’m tired of:

[li]Kevin Smith[/li][li]Seth Rogan[/li][li]The whole “Asian girlfriend” thing. What’s the next racist fad gonna be?[/li][li]Fake-faded jean thighs[/li][li]Woody Fucking Allen[/li][li]TV shows made in Los Angeles[/li][li]PBR[/li][li]Gauged ears[/li][li]Kids named Dylan and Hayley and Madison and Tyler; any WASP surname. (Quemby? Seriously?)[/li][li]“That’s what she said”[/li][li]“Not so much”[/li][li]iAnything[/li][li]lolanything[/li][/ul]

. . . I reserve the right to add things as they occur to me

I’m sick and tired of people expressing annoyance at hipsters. It’s easy enough to avoid them and their works, so getting really annoyed at them is largely one’s own doing.

What’s the Asian girlfriend thing? The fact that some people have Asian girlfriends?

Yeah, exactly, that’s how racist I am: anyone with an Asian girlfriend is on my shitlist.


Well, I dunno. Help me out. What’s the Asian girlfriend thing?

[li]White people with dreads[/li][/ul]

I’m not the only one to notice the cliche.

Fascinating. Tell us more! Are you also sick of Chicago, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and fun?

Getting sick of PSH. Chicago, if it fixes that whole weather thing, will get a reprieve from me. Fun, though, is always fun.

I have an asian wife, so I guess I narrowly escaped your tired list. Phew!

But I do feel sorry for all the Japanese boys around me with their asian girlfriends. But then I guess they’re not aware that they’re a walking cliche.

What’s PBR?

And what’s the Asian girlfriend racist fad cliche?

And racist!

Someone please give me something I can respond to with ‘that’s what she said’. For the love of jeebus.

This thread is kinda small…

Riiiight, cuz that’s so obviously what I meant. Seriously, someone with a Japanese wife isn’t offended by the whole Asian-girlfriend-as-status-symbol thing?

Sigh All right, I’ll do it but I won’t like it.

Seriously? Maybe it’s a Seattle thing, but I thought the fact that the Dandy Fucking Warhols made a satirical comment about Asian girlfriends in their 2000 album, and the 198,000 hits on Google, suggested that it was more universal than that.

Well hurry up, I haven’t got all night!

I didn’t know it was a status symbol. I knew it was a cliche, and it slightly annoys me that people might judge us as a cliche couple when they see us walking down the street together. Can’t help that though.

Yeah, that’s what she said!
BTW - you missed my opening!

That’s what she said. :frowning: