Sick Attraction

My wife has an abscessed tooth. It’s been bothering her for a couple of days. Normally she is a staggeringly healthy animal, but now…

There are dark circles under her eyes. She looks drawn and wan. Instead of smiling and full of light, she is downcast and unhappy. She is tired and in pain. She has a slight fever. Normally her golden hair, golden skin and golden eyes glow with health, but not now.

I find this all incredibly, madly, irrestibly sexy.

The last time I was this turned on she had a bad cold and a stuffed nose. I don’t know why, but something about sitting there shivering under the covers with her sniffly knows and pathetic look on her face, just did it for me.

Watch out. Lots of pathological behaviors start out small and then get more intense as time goes by. It is usually pretty obvious in hindsight. Think serial killers that tortured animals as children.

It appears that you are coming down with the precursor to necrophilia. We know the beginning stages because you find someone sexy for merely being sick but not dead. It is not curable but it can be managed as long as you and others are aware of the condition. Ask friends and family to watch for any behavior changes in that direction. They should be very supportive. Some warning signs are a desire to spend Sunday afternoons at the Intensive Care Unit at the local hospital and getting an erection when people tell stories about being ill.

I think someone else mentioned that when you see a girl shivering in the rain, cold and miserable, most guys get turned on by that.

Really? I get turned on when I’m sick but never when my wife is. But then again I’m special and I’ve made love to myself in every room of the house…almost.


Hmmm… we just moved into a new apartment. Maybe I better get busy! :smiley:

Hey, I can see it. I found it sexy when my SO got sick a little bit ago. Of course it also sucks because he’s in no mood for that kind of thing when he’s sick. Strangely, I want sex more when I’m sick. :confused: