Sick of computer generated cartoons

I saw the trailer for the new Lion King movie, which saddened me because it’s yet another remake of a childhood classic. What really irks me is that no hand drawn cartoons seem to really be done anymore. It’s all Pixar and computer stuff. I guess I just don’t see much character or soul in it. I like to know that something was made my hand. Am I the only one who’s creeped out by all the computer generated stuff?

The Frog Princess was cel-animated. But I guess that’s a few years now.

Wasn’t Into the Spider-Verse cel also? It won the Oscar for Best Animated.

Well done CGI can be a work of art. Cheap-ass slapped together stuff, less so.

As someone who grew up on whatever crap Hanna-Barbara were producing at the time, cheap-ass slapped-together hand-drawn animation is even worse.

No, it was hand-tweaked CGI. But I’m seeing around a dozen cel-based films in the Oscar nominations for the 2010s (although even modern “cels” might be drawn on Wacom tablets instead of sheets of plastic.)

I’d have to agree the problem isn’t CGI. It’s tired, mediocre CGI.

In the hands of artists, any medium can be wonderful. Spider-Verse was awesome.

Yeah, I saw it with a friend who hates “Comic-y movies”. As the credits rolled, he whispered “So when we gonna see it again?” So I’ve seen it twice.

The magic of it is the writing. It’s how you care for the characters, not just the animation.

Nowadays, hand-drawn animation still exists, but computers are still used in the animation process (via “digital ink and paint”).