sick of smells

Does anyone know how it’s possible to get very nauseous of smells in just 3 months?

Any smells.

Frying meat, perfume, fresh bread. Not only the really icky smells.

No. I can’t be pregnant. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Dunno, but sometimes it’s possible to have an association between a smell and a feeling that is reinforced by experience.

I used to work onboard the ferries that cross the Irish sea; they have a reputation for continuing to sail in all but the very worst conditions and I was often seasick. I would also often have to work below decks where the smell of marine diesel was present and if the vessel was carrying livestock, there would be smells from that too. Now, I only have to catch a whiff of marine fuel or sheep’s vomit* and I start to feel my stomach spasm.

*[sup]Animals get seasick too you know; it’s not pleasant at all[/sup]

Abrubt changes in perception warrant a trip to the doctor. This probably is nothing, but I’d feel more comfortable knowing that it was worked up.