Sickle-Cell Anemia

When I was a kid living in New orleans I would hear a lot about sickle-cell anemia on TV and such. It seems you don’t hear about it so much anymore, or at least I don’t. I don’t imagine it has gone away or isn’t around as much. Has it been edged out by AIDS and other diseases for attention? Or is it that I was in the south and in a more urban ocmmunity before (and thus around a higher concentration of African-Americans) than I am in my little northern town now?

Some of both. It’s treated better now, too. Wife picked out a pint to be transfused into a patient with sickle cell and he had a spontaneous remission. Sometimes stem cells in donated blood fix things up enough that the person can live normally. They told her to “pick a good one” so she did. But can she pick lottery numbers? “Those pingpong balls aren’t alive.” :rolleyes: