Side effects of contrast dye

My urologist sent me for a CT Scan with contrast dye yesterday. The radiologist asked me all the usual questions. “Ever had contrast dye before?” Yes. “Ever have any reaction to it?” No. Then ran down the list of possible side effects: “You may feel warm all over. Some people, especially women may feel like they peed themselves because of localized warmth in the groin area. You may get a strange, metallic taste in your mouth”. I told him I’ve been having tests with contrast dye for 20 years and never had any of those. Until yesterday. He put some dye in my IV, and seconds later, I felt like I had peed my pants! :eek: He told me the second dose of contrast is even bigger, and the feeling might be more pronounced. And it was! And for the first time, I got that terrible metallic taste in the back of my throat! Yuck!

Just thought I’d share.

It makes my butt itch something fierce.

Huh. Never heard that one before.

I had hives for 10 days. I think there’s some new, low cost contrast agent being used now.

I didn’t get the metallic taste but I did fell like I peed my pants.

I did get the technician to let me look at the scan. It was so cool looking at my head with and without the contrast. My eye sockets are much bigger than I thought they were.

It could be worse. You could get a metallic feeling in your crotch and a urine taste in your mouth.


Ah yes, CAT scratch fever.