Side Effects of epididymitis

My brother-in-law had epididymitis that hung on for over a month and during it had mild erectile dysfunction. It’s now a month since he was cured and he is still suffering with mild ED. I don’t have all of the particulars from my sister except that his problems down there didn’t start until the epididymitis and it is NOT full impotence. That’s important since my BIL thinks it will get better on its own over time and doesn’t want to see the doctor. My sister is worried (she thinks a cough is a sure indicator of lung cancer) that it will be permanent. What should I tell her? You Dope Doctors out there - is ED common AFTER a serious bout of epididymitis or is it just coincidental timing? Just so you know, I am trying to convince him to see his doctor.

I’m bumping this in hopes that QtM or someone knowledgeable will answer.

I know it isn’t done to answer “I don’t know” in GQ, but look at it this way, SaintCad - if I don’t know the answer, that means it doesn’t kill you.
Good luck with other Dope doctors.