Siding Going on my house

Previously I posted several times asking for advice about a residing project for my California Ranch style house. First the players:

Me and My sister: owners of the house with final veto power.
My mother the artist
My stepfather the practical man who’s doing most of the work. As part of the agreement when they sold the house to us, was redoing the siding so they could use their labor to offset a huge capital gains tax.

Elements being replaced, siding, soffit
Elements not being replaced: windows, roof, brick veneer.

First decision was type of material. The old house was cedar. Myself and my mother wanted new cedar, my sister wanted vinyl, and my stepfather wanted hardyboard. We went with Cedar, but all agreed to put aluminum soffits and fascia on as the house has gables and these were by far the hardest to maintain. Putting the rough side out was unanimous.

Stain Color; old stain was a solid redwood. We all agreed not to go with a solid. My stepfather wanted clear, my mother wanted brown, my sister wanted green or blue or golden brown, and I wanted reddish brown. I won this one obviously, but it’s not quite so deep as the old color.

Soffit: I know it’s conventional to match the soffit and trim, I was kind of ambivalent about it since the roof is dark and wont’ need replacing for a while, and I want people to look at the nice cedar, not the cheap metal. So after thinking about it myself and my mother wanted brown, my stepfather and sister wanted white. We went with brown. Custom ordering a color wasn’t an option because of the timeframe involved (we got a nasty letter from the city telling us to hurry up).

Here’s the house; you can see some of the old color still on the post and the upper part of the fascia.

The driveway will be done too. We have decided that as gorgous as paving stones are we don’t want the maintenance with them with also having a wood house to maintain, so it will be concrete.