Sig missing

I have a stored signature and just now noticed it is not appearing on my posts. I’ve wandered around the CP and not found anything that seems to be an option for turning it on/off. I recently switched from the Sultantheme skin because of the copy and paste issue with Firefox; could that have something to do with it?

Testing sig.

ETA: Sig not showing up

ETA2: Oops I didn’t have sigs turned on. I just did that. Sig shows ok.

ETA3: Jumbo sized signature appears as well.

ETA4: User CP -> Edit options -> Thread display options -> Visible post elements -> Click box: show signatures

You have to turn it on every time you want to use it. There’s a checkbox underneath the box you type your post in that says “show signature”. You probably didn’t notice it because in the Sultan theme, it’s on by default unless you turn it off.

It’s generally considered etiquette around here to use it at most once per page of a thread, though that’s largely unobserved anymore thanks to the Sultan theme.

Aha! Thanks.