Sig Test (Gee, how original!)

Does it work?

Yeah. I’m happy, now. Bye.

The super-smart AudreyK, whose intelligence is only matched by her wit, and her radiant beauty eclipses all, pointed this out to me…

Rue-- Your sig’s independent of your post. If you make a change to your sig, the change will be reflected in every
previous posting of your sig.

So, you really don’t NEED to post a sig test as long as it’s not your very first post. You can just change you sig in your profile and check an old post. Of course by posting a sig check, other people can find that you’ve changed your sig and can see if the new one is any good. (Yours is, Ice Wolf)

I just wanted to thank, and sing the praises of, AudreyK and forgot to earlier.