Sigh...another root canal, I suppose.

One of the penalties of growing older is that no matter how well you care for your teeth, there is wear and tear that eventually catches up with you. I have a huge filling in a lower left molar, and I just blew out about half the tooth that is left holding it in. Wonderful. I thought the nerve in that tooth was dead, seeing as how the filling is 1/3 the tooth, but better safe than sorry. Pack the hole full of temporary filling and make an appointment with the endodontist. This will be number…6. All lower. Luckily my guy is a genius. I’d actually rather sit through a root canal than a faculty meeting. Quicker and less painful. By the time this one is finished, I’ll have more crowns than teeth in my lower jaw. Isn’t dental insurance wonderful?

I just had a root canal on Tuesday. On a lower tooth that was already crowned. So the tooth isn’t sensitive to hot and cold anymore but it’s still awful sore from the post thingies the endodontist shoved down there to stabilize the crown. It should be all better by Monday.

Just wondering… It was $770 here ($290 my cost). Is it horribly more expensive where you are?

The last one I had done was $750, and it was covered by my dental insurance. I love my dental insurance. :smiley:

I hear ya. I have a root canal coming up on the 24th, in one of my remaining teeth that isn’t a crown. The dentist already did half of it trying to fix another problem the last time I was there. This will just finish it up. Then I go back later for another crown. I guess I’ve got over my phobia of dentistry by now, but I still don’t like it. I do like our dental insurance, though.