Sigh. Anybody want another cat?

My boyfriend called me this morning and said, “Um, I don’t even want to tell you this, considering what happened last time. But there’s a little tuxedo cat hanging out under the porch now who looks just like Stokie. He’s really sweet.”

Many of you probably remember that that’s how we got Cat 3. In fact, this cat is probably Stokie’s son or grandson. We are NOT GETTING CAT 4.

But somebody is. :slight_smile: Anybody in South Carolina want a slightly used kitty cat? I have a possible FOAF lead at work, but it feels kinda slim. Winter is coming on apace. Think of him all cold and shivering under my boyfriend’s porch. (Especially since he’s about to move out of that place.) You know you want a cat.

Ha! No, I don’t. But I hope you find him a good home.

Oh, come on, what’s one more?

Exactly… but be warned, cat collecting is an addicting hobby.

Growing up we started with one cat.
Then 2.
Then 3.
Then 4…
Then 10. Then 11…
Then 16. Then 17…
Then 21. Then 22.
Then we were out of space.

Don’t ask.