Sigh, I'm Going To Make A Big Life Change...

Having just found out that I have sent 621 e-mails to one person in a 4 month time span, and that isn’t even the person I correspond with the most, and considering that it takes me all day to get 3 hours worth of work done, I’ve decided to make a drastic change…

Yes, I’ve changed it so that Outlook fetches my mail only once every 30 minutes instead of once every five.

Desperate addictions call for desperate actions, you know…

I knew I had a problem when I started using e-mail like a phone. I don’t literally sit in front of the computer all day, but when I hear that little ding…I come running. Sometimes, it even wakes me up from my sleep.

I’ve always had an addictive personality. Before the internet, I was that one girl who kept in touch with everybody. But the mail only came once a day, so it was easy not to let it interfere with my life.

So please people, don’t worry if it takes me more than an hour to get back to you…I’ve spoiled you with my quick response times and chatty little updates, but now I’ve got to start thinking about “ME”.

[aside to Annie]Because I am amazing[/aside to Annie]

The first few days are the hardest, believe me.

Good Luck.

At least you have a nice little program like Outlook to fetch your mail automatically. It’s worse when you use web-based e-mail and manually have to check your e-mail…every 10 minutes or so. Now THAT is pathetic. Of course, if you’re at work and have nothing better to do…

Yes, I’m working on the backlog now, but I’ll have answered all of those in a few hours and what then?

What then?!?!
And somebody stop me before I upgrade to an e-mail phone…everytime I walk by the phone shop it calls to me…“Tracy, Tracy, you want me, you need me, it’s just 20DM with a 2 year contract…”

Yes, and I should also work on posting so much too, but right now it’s my coffee break*

*[sub]yes, I know unemployed people are usually not entitled to coffee breaks, but I’ve had a rough day![/sub]

Dammit, tatertot, you had me all concerned about you with that thread title! Just for that, I’m going to email you right now. As you read this post, you know there’s an email from me sitting there, waiting for you to read and respond . . .

Because now I’m having to rebuild my entire computer, so I can’t get into my non-web based e-mail. Or my ICQ. Or my AIM. And dammit there are things I need to know today!

You know yesterday I thought I was just being paranoid when I thought that the world was plotting against me. Now I know everyone is plotting against me.