*sigh* New microwave time

Damned Korean Goldstar piece of crap. Didn’t even last 21 years.

Okay a newer, smaller, more powerful microwave oven with a carrousel is nice. But you’d wish these things were built to last!

Hmm, and I expected to come in here hearing that your power went out, so the time on the microwave reset itself.

Yeah mine gave up the ghost last year after only 15 years or so. Had to buy the smaller, more powerful, carousel, with all the pre-programmed functions too. Damned built-in obsolescence.

I bought my Mom a new microwave as a present a couple years ago. She’d had the old one for 15+ years, too and it still worked but she was worried that the fan was on all of the time and was scared that it was leaking radiation. Even though I told her that even if it were radiating a tiny amount of microwaves all it would do is warm you up a tad if you rested right next to it, and most likely the vent was not a source of this even if the leak were to happen.

But yeah, it was much cheaper and at least as powerful as the old one, only I went totally cheapo and didn’t get one with a digital timer, so it’s a bit hard to boil teawater accurately on (but she uses a range anyway.)

Right after we got married, my husband got me a big ol’ Panasonic with a turntable and all kinds of cool delay start and specialty settings and stuff - I loved it. We loaned it to our daughter when she moved out, but her new apartment has a built-in microwave, so we got ours back. It’s too big for the kitchen, and we have a built-in one also, so it sat in the garage for a while. Then my sweetie decided it should go into the attic, over my objections.

There was a loud crash.

My wonderful microwave is no more. :frowning: Had it almost 24 years.

I’ve got a big old “Quaser” that I bought from Sears in 1980, w/ analog controls. It’s spent several years in storage and been loaned to a guy who abused the hell out of it for five years. I went through two, more modern M/V’s in the meantime. When I got this one back I had to scrape the crud from it. That was about three years ago and it’s still going strong.

Yeah we had one of those Quasars, it had big knobs on it and would go DING! when it was done. Lasted for at least 20 years.

I had one of those monstrosities you could cook the Thanksgiving turkey in until about five years ago. Then one day I put my tv dinner and push the on button. I hear this loud zzzzZZZZZTTTT!! like you hear on tv when someone is getting electrocuted. From that time on, whatever I put in would cook in about half the time it had before. Decided I should probably replace it.

We’ve had our Litton for over 15 years now… the thing still works fine, even though it no longer ‘beeps’ when it is done. It was a display model from K’s Merchandise, so we got it at a hefty discount, too.

I love that thing.

I recently got rid of an old GE that lasted for 20 years, too, and I sometimes miss it. Our new one is more powerful and has a fancy browning element and stuff. But with the old one I could microwave long pan of lasagne or whatever and it wouldn’t get stuck or bang against the sides.

Mine just stopped. I was using the Defrost function, which turns the power on and off every 30 seconds. I suspect it blew a fuse or something.

My folks got a Litton back in the '70s. Two knobs: 0-60 seconds and 0-60 minutes. Three buttons: On, Off, Defrost. As a ten-year-old I was a little unclear on the concept and tried to boil an egg. Oops.

Anyway, I’ve bought a new Panasonic from CostCo. I should probably go get it out of the box.


Our first microwave was a big Amana of about that size. Lasted, hmm, fifteen or sixteen years. Sadly the newer ones don’t seem to be as well made.