Sigh. Wish I could muster some outrage. (HDD crash)

I started putting this in the pit, but I’m really more tired than angry, so here we are.

So my secondary drive decided this would be a good time to pack it in and take a vacation. On start up this morning, chkdsk noticed something wrong with one of the partitions on my secondary drive. When I say something wrong, I mean it couldn’t read a single fucking sector.

That was worrying, but not unduly so. Nothing overly important on that partition, mainly games and fun little video clips. And porn, of course. Still, nothing irreplaceable.

So I log in, run explorer and learn that G: is unformatted. Okidoki then, that stuff’s lost. I can live with that. Now to see if H:, the other partition on that drive, is working. Initially, it looks good. I can browse, even though the box is still making an unusual hacking noise, and I can copy stuff over to the primary disk. Great, I think, backup time! I love doing backup. So I go fetch a stack of DVD-Rs, while doing some prioritizing; what’s most important? Personal files, obviously. Music - can’t find half of my CDs anymore, E-books and random other stuff. And porn, of course.

When I get back I’m slightly startled to see a boot screen telling me I have only a primary HDD. ‘Cock!’, I exclaim, channeling James May. After a lot of fiddling and some desperate calls to more computer savvy friends, I jiggle some cables around and send a quick prayer to his noodliness. It seemed to work, I could see H: again, but my joy was cut short when I started copying stuff. Death by reboot after 10 minutes.

So it’s off to the shop tomorrow, for a new HDD and a cable. Good thing I’m a student so I can spend all Monday rummaging around in the dusty underbellies of my computer, trying to save my personal files, my music, my fun stuffs. And my porn, of course.


One of my HDs started acting a little funny, so I just bought one of these: Iomega 1 TB eGo Desktop Hard Drive. Only $150 for 1 TB!!! It arrived in two days and within 24 hours I had copied all my data from all three computers over to it.

I had already set up a backup routine on my main (really important) computer to backup data from one internal hard disk to the other. But I’ll probably add a routine to backup to the external drive, too.

I sympathize. Our main drive is right now with Salvage Data recovery service. The music, movies and porn would all be a loss, but recoverable from. All of our digital pictures of the kids? Not so much. So I’ll suck it up and pay upwards of $600 to get that data back. However may I suggest that you think of getting some sort of RAID system? I looked around and decided that while not perfect, the Drobo was the best choice for us. Allows me to replace a failed drive, and recover the data that was stored on it. Good luck and I hope you’re able to recover everything.