[Signatures] Old way of making links not working?



Okay, so what’s wrong with the link in my sig?

Beats me but I noticed that your superscript [sup]TM[/sup] also doesn’t work in your sig. Are these coding like superscript and linking disabled in sigs now?

I’ve noticed today that tags in general don’t seem to be working in sigs. This post is a pretty good example.

When you post a link with Insert Link there are inverted commas around the url name, eg

bracket URL="http:www.google.com"close bracket bracket /URL close bracket

which appears as


There are no inverted commas in your failed link.

No, there’s no need for quote marks (inverted commas, whatever you want to call them) in vBulletin. These two links work just fine; the first is without quotes, the second with:


What’s NinetyWt is talking about is links in signatures. Right now tags aren’t working at all in sigs.

Your coding is fine, NinetyWt, so the regular use of URL tags works correctly in posts. For signatures, however, because we’ve had a fair number of problems with links, obnoxious coding, excess lines, etc… any BB coding has been disabled.

This isn’t a comment on anyone’s signature in particular (and certainly not yours), but we felt plain text signatures were a better fit for the board. We’d prefer people be known for their posts rather than clever–and sometimes obnoxious–signatures (again, this isn’t a comment on yours). This also helps reduce the incidents of accidental or intentional clickable spam links. That last bit hasn’t been a huge problem, but since signatures don’t always come to our attention, the lack of coding will be a more consistent way of handling spam.

For links that don’t violate board rules, you’re welcome to include them in your signature; they just won’t be clickable.

Can you at least just turn on the color and size coding?

Well, the color and size options were what led to some signatures being obnoxious and more attention-getting than the content of the post. If we enabled those again, we’d be back to where we started–and it was because of the size and color we began to look at signature options.

I’m feeling really self-conscious now. :wink:

I, of course, understand where you’re coming from, but I can’t imagine that sig abuse would be that overwhelming on this board. And if there was something glaringly egregious, a simple warning to tame it down ought to be easy enough? It’s the one thing we can do to add a little style and personality, and even that’s been stripped down to mere text. I also understand TPTB want this board to express itself with words more than anything else, and that’s fine… composing messages I feel allows enough in the way of stylizing certain things we want to say with size and color when we feel like being clever, or whatnot. Other than The Grapist (okay, and maybe the upside-down text), it’s never been horribly overused, and at least with sigs, people can choose to shut them off (which I’m sure most do.)

As a rule, allow the sigs to be a little overboard for those that want a touch of spice in their threads. (it’s also a great way to scan a thread very quickly for my post)

Anyway, I’ve said my peace. And with that:

Farewell, my cmyk sig. Farewell:

No need to feel self-conscious, cmyk. It wasn’t yours–although, me being color-blind and all, your cyan looks grey, and your magenta looks, I dunno… vaguely blue? Your signature is nothing but confusing to me. :smiley:

Actually, determining where the line is drawn between acceptable/clever color-, size- and font-coded sigs and obnoxious ones can be difficult. At least, it can be if we’re trying to go about it fairly. What ten people will think is just annoying and an eye-sore, ten others will disagree. Having everyone start out with plain old black-and-white seemed like a much fairer compromise.

Thanks for the explanation, Skip. And thanks for fixing this thread title. I’ll just tweak my sig accordingly.

test test test

I couldn’t find the announcement. Where is it?

I can fix that one though.
alt+0153 (numpad) is the keycode for the ™ character.

I can understand where you’re coming from, but I wish at least the size code was turned back on or they were hard-coded smaller than normal text. I think they look better smaller so they don’t detract from the rest of the text.

Bless you, child!

Any idea how to do that when your laptop doesn’t have a numpad? It doesn’t work with the normal numbers.

Usually you hold down the Fn (function) key and the Alt key and type out MJIL to get ™

Some laptops differ and you did not mention the Op system.

After a lot of discussion and quite a few broken sigs, we’ve turned basic BB code (boldface, underline and italics) and the URL tags back on. (No, NinetyWt, we’re really not trying to drive you insane with that last one.) If you have any troubles with getting these options to work, please let us know.

Thank you! I rarely use the sig, but it’s nice having it working on the few occasions when I do.

Like now. :wink: