Significance of Mordecai in The Royal Tenenbaums?

I just rewatched the movie, and I was wondering what the significance of the falcon was. They mention that he may have had a traumatic experience, which turned his feathers white. What does this allude to? Any other info you can give me about this character?

Well, clearly he was just like all the members of the Tenenbaum family. Each of them also had a traumatic experience and then returned home.

i just watched ‘bottle rocket’ again tonight and really feel that this and ‘rushmore’ are far better movies than ‘the royal t’s’
tanenbaums is really overplayed and has no heart, i was bored but kept watching hoping it would improve - it didn’t

Somehow, I thought Rushmore was funny and sweet and smart as hell, definitely in my top 5, yet I was completely unmoved by The Royal Tenenbaums and Bottle Rocket. Maybe I’ll give that last one another viewing, but I remember being thoroughly disappointed the first time I saw it.

Why did he add the white feathers at all? Was it solely to bring up the point about traumatic experiences?

It’s been a while since the last person wrote here, but I recently read this question and I think that I may have an answer:
"The original hawk used to play Mordecai was kidnapped during shooting and held for ransom - production could not wait for him to be returned which is the reason that the bird that appears later in the movie has “more white feathers” - it’s a different bird. "
So I think that the mention to a traumatic experience was just for explain the different color of the hawk’s feathers. On the other hand, I agree with the first person who answer your question!

I’m from Argentina and I never studied english, so I’m sorry if you have problems to understand me! And most of all, I hope that this post could help someone else.

I found the part between " " in:

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