Significance of the year "1984"

I hear people mention this year quite often. What is the significance of this year? Is there more than one?

I think it is safe to say that 1984 has more than one reason for being significant.

That said, one obvious reason that “1984” gets mentioned a lot is because George Orwell wrote a book about a somewhat sinister future in which many people’s worst fears are realized and Big Brother is watching, amoung other things. He titled this book 1984.

It’s the title of a famous novel by George Orwell. It’s about a totalitarian society set in 1984. It’s also where the phrase “Big Brother” comes from.

Not sure if there are more than one. The significance USUALLY though (at least for me) is to the book, 1984 by George Orwell.


Consider George Orwell.

George Orwell wrote a dark novel called 1984 that predicted a bad future for society by that year.

It’s the title of George Orwell’s classic novel about life in a totalitarian state.

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I think the significance is in the novel by George Orwell set in a distopian future in the year 1984 CITE and what many people see as similarities between the society described in the novel and our own society today. I suggest you give it a read.

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I think 1984 is the new 1920’s-style “Death Ray”

George Orwell. Pfft.

1984 is significant because that’s when we learned Eddie could play a keyboard.

It’s usually a reference to the 1949 novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four” by George Orwell. Cite.

Orwell predicted that by 1984, the world would be overtaken by a totalitarian government which would refer to itself as “Big Brother”. Advanced technology would allow the goverment to monitor the smallest aspects of it’s citizens lives, which would be regulated to the smallest minutiae. Privacy would not be allowed, nor independant thought.

My mother told me that in the more naive days when this book came out, her teachers as well as her parents assured her that “This would be the way the world was by 1984”. Now it seems funny, but it didn’t seem that way to her, or the generation who grew up on this book.

Thus any intrusive government programs, such as the NSA montioring of phone calls through no-warrant wiretaps or the recent court decision which essentially allow no-knock entry warrants by the Police cause many to refer to government as “Big Brother” or call other references to the book. The same response can be made to over-regulation by the government.

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There’s nothing special about the novel’s title…the book was written in 1948, and Orwell merely swapped the last two numbers to come up with the year. Had he published the novel a year later, we’d be talking about “1994” instead. :wink:

1984 was the Year of the Rat. A rat plays a part in 1984. Orwell wrote the book in 1948 (last two digits reversed are ‘84’), which was The Year of the Rat.

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Who was the guy who wrote “Animal Farm”?

I think it was more a warning about what might be possible than a prediction.

1984 was also the year the first Macintosh computer was released by Apple. The Mac introduced the consumer public to the modern graphical user interface. Well, mostly. There were plenty of graphical ‘shells’ in use prior to the Macintosh, but the Mac was the first mass-market computer (as opposed to a workstation sold to companies or really rich geeks) with an OS that was designed to be used as part of a graphical system.

The designers of the Mac copied their GUI from Xerox (with permission and payment), which had developed the first fully-realized modern GUI that would be recognized as such today. Graphical software dates to (at least) the Spacewar video game, played on DEC PDP-1 minicomputers as early as 1960.

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