Significant Other and Best Friend ......... now what?

Jeez, there are a lot of us around here, aren’t there?

In retrospect, I could care less about the SO. She was a psycho-nympho-macarena-dancin’ gutterball, and I’d be hard pressed to expect anything different from her. But the loss of that long-standing friendship is something I truly regret. Try as I might, I have not been able to repair the damage that was done. Guess I’m not exactly overflowing with the milk of human kindness.


Then again, I don’t go running around screwing my pals’ women. I think I’m allowed a certain amount of indignance, if that’s even a word. That sort of behavior is more suitable for the barnyard than among my circle of friends, and those who can’t hang with that can pee up a rope.


Any ‘psycho-nympho-macarena-dancin’ gutterball that I might know?

I especially like the psycho-nympho part. That got my attention.

My best friend was approached by a girl friend of mine, but held tight, and told me about the incident (s). I confronted her and she eventually admitted it so, it was hit the road girl! I was just getting to really like this other girl and we had an exclusive agreement but I caught her cheating on me with some guy I don’t know. So, she hit the road too.

Hey, why did jetassisted get banned?