Silent Hill 3 help, please! (contains spoilers)

I don’t actually need any help with the game itself. I’ve beat the first scenario and got the ending where:

Heather finds Douglas still alive after killing Claudia/God - they have a lighthearted talk, I guess it’s the “good” ending.

And so, back at the start screen, I see an option for “Extra New Game”. I chose that and was disappointed to find that it was the exact same scenario I had played, with the same ending to boot!

Is this supposed to happen, or is there a glitch in my game? I had expected the extra game to be like the one in SH2, where you could play as Maria.

From the FAQs I perused, it looks like it is mostly the same game with some slight in-game differences and extra goodies like special weapons.

Hope that helps.

Huh. Not really an “extra game” is it? :dubious:

At least, I did get some of the extra goodies.