"Silk Reading"? ianzin, anyone?

I’ve never heard of a “silk reading” but apparently it’s some sort of fortune telling or other reading.
My friend mentioned having attended one. Her explanation: You enter the room with the reader, he gives you a small square of white “silk” (I couldn’t tell if it was real silk or not; it seemed a little thick for silk), which you twist in your hands while he does your reading. He finishes, sends you home with your silk, and when you open it at home, lo! relevant pictures have been “imprinted” on it!
In her case, one side of the silk had a rather large, blurry, black and white image of a man’s face. On the other side there were several smaller, quite clear, color images that looked much like photocopies. One of them was clearly her father.
I have no idea what the significance of the various images is supposed to be, but I’m curious about the method behind this one. The fact that one of the pics was in black and white and others were in color would have made me a little suspicious if I were in her shoes, but go figure.

I’m having trouble finding anything on Google concerning methodology. Is it maybe called something besides “silk reading”?

It’s quite simple to print color images on fabric with a color printer. Did your friend provide any photos ahead of time to this “silk reader”? That would be my first guess for how the trick is worked–she provides photos, and while she’s having her “session”, someone scans them into the computer and prints them out on squares of silk.

…and then does some kind of sleight-of-hand swap with the square of silk she’s twisting in her hand.

I think I’ve seen ianzin around at this time of the evening, he might see this. Otherwise, you could drop him an e (mail).