Silly Game: Do away with nicknames

Just imagine a world where we had to do away with nicknames altogether. Let’s make a list of all the things that we’d have to rename or get used to the more formal terms for.

Lester Miserables
James Nasium
Albert Cohol
Nicholas O’Tine
William Club
Robert Sled
Polka Dorothy
Margaret Leg

More Roberts -

Robert Cut
Robert Tail
Roberting For Apples
Robert Nailed Boots

James Son weed
James Nasium (don’t kill me!)

Peter Moss

Mafia Donalds

Richard Head

Michael Rophones

Wouldn’t dream of it!

Terence Cloth
Joseph Kerr
Louis Kemia
Constance Lingus

Whew, safe.

For now.

John Knife
John Rabbit

Henry Er Jet

Bradley Nails

Richard Shaw

French Franklins

Chewbacca Charles’ Ahoy cookies

You got me with these.

Harrier jets (Harry er)

French Francs (Franks)

Thanks for the help!

I once had a Diablo II character (a spear-wielding amazon) named “Shishka Roberta”.

Beef Stuart
Modern Arthur
Welcome Matthew
Henry Erchief

You see, Tengu, this is why I couldn’t get past Hank Er Jet! That plus forgetting whatever I knew about Harrier Jets.

Would anybody alive today have gotten Henry O’Hare? And be able to cite the reference?

More fabulous names:

Daniel Boy
Timothy Tation
Sloppy Joseph
Patrick O’Furniture

Pandora Delilah Monium
Catherine Astrophe
Fiona Lattio

Arthur Maurice Daniel’s studio
Belt Alexander
Family Valerie Yews
Mortimer A. Fide
Hydraulic John
The Tragedy of Mackenzie Elizabeth

All right! bibliophage is kicking this thing into high gear!

The Missing Lincoln
Thomas Foolery
Kenneth Tucky
Alphonse Abama
Calvin Afornia
Aristotle Zona


Royesallentyrone (triple word score for me).

Ernesto Vrolet
Jesús Chipsahoy
Ignacio Cheese
Guillermo Randa
José Tobismol

Christopher Cross (oh, wait, he’s a real person already…)