Silly idea inspired by "The Avengers"

I enjoyed Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Banner in “The Avengers,” and today I had a silly notion - how about rebooting every series Bill Bixby was in, with Ruffalo in Bixby’s place. “Courtship of Eddie’s Father,” “My Favorite Martian” (with Patrick Stewart as Uncle Martin, because why not), and “The Magician.” Thoughts?

I was wondering why you hadn’t mentioned It Takes a Thief. But then I checked and saw that Robert Wagner was the lead on that series. Oops.

Holy crap.
As a child, I was a huge fan of both The Incredible Hulk and My Favorite Martian. I watched both shows regularly, and I am just now finding out that was Bill Bixby on My Favorite Martian!?!?!?!?!?

I was all ready to pounce upon the OP for being so very wrong, but I decide to look it up first- for all I knew, maybe Bixby shemped the last season of Martian because maybe the original guy got fired or something. Nope. He was the original guy. Damn. How am I just now learning this.
(As a kid, I really watched that show just for the Ray Walston bits.)

Heck, have Christian Bale re-enact every episode of the 1960s Batman TV show.

The original title for this thread was, “People, let me tell you about my new best friend.”

Also, he originally suggested Robert Downey, Jr. for Uncle Martin.