Silly Iranians (Olympic logo)

Iran is threatening to boycott the 2012 London Olympics because they feel the logo for the games actually spells out the word Zion.

How could they be so stupid? The logo has nothing to do with Zion. Everyone knows it’s a sketch of Lisa Simpson giving head.*

(*Don’t believe me? Look here.)

In all fairness, it does kinda look like “Zion.” Read it like this:


Thanks – never gonna be able to look at it without seeing that, now.

Rule 34. No exceptions.

It spells ZOIN! Just when you think the Iranian government can’t get any dumber, they set the bar just a little bit higher. Citius, altius, stupidius!

I think we can all agree, however, that the logo DOES look like absolute shit. What’s the square that’s floating in the middle? I can’t believe it made it out of testing.

Maybe they’re talking about the logo with the rings and “Zoizdon” written under it.

Does anyone speak Farsi? Is zoizdon some sort of insult?

I thought you were talking about just the rings, which of course spells out “Ooooo”.

Already being discussed here -

Which is evidence of General Mills and their Jewish masters’ plot to subliminally force Cheerios down the throats of the world. These pawns of Zionism claim that Cheerios are good for your heart. Only Allah should be in your heart.

It spells Zor, of course. Tying in to that old Monkees song, “Zor and Zam”, whose lyrics end with “they gave a war and nobody came”.

No wonder the Iranian leadership is afraid.

I’m still disappointed they didn’t go with the Goatse logo.

Oh waaaah! Did you see Israel bitch and moan when the Flock of Seagulls hit came out?

I hope the crybabies do stay home and don’t attend the Olympics. Boy that’ll really show us what racist bastards we all are.

Well, of course not. The song made a point about how it was so far away.

OK I’m not the most “visual” person, but just WHAT is this supposed to be?

“2012” with a dot in the middle. Why the dot? Who knows; speculation in the other thread has ranged from in representing everything from Australia to R’lyeh.