Silly Question, But Hoping For Serious Answer

I have had a annoying problem over the last couple of years were i have been producing a obscene amount of mucus (bogers) in my nasal passage. And lately it seems to be getting worse. Why do some people (like myself) seem to produce more mucus than others? And how do you stop it?


Hi Jeffism15 and welcome to the Straight Dope!

Some information concerning this topic can be found in Cecil’s online archive at How does my nose produce so much snot so fast when I have a cold?

Often, searching the archives at The Straight Dope home page or here at the message boards will show that your question has already been answered.

Are you suffering from a really runny nose in general, or is it just that you’ve got a lot of <ahem> boogers in there? If it’s (2), you should know that rummaging around in your nose with a kleenex wrapped around your finger to clean it out actually only makes it worse. It irritates the delicate nasal membranes up in there, which of course causes even more mucus to flow. If they’re bloody boogers, then that confirms what’s happening. Try leaving your nose alone for a couple of weeks–just blow it, and wipe off the outside, but don’t poke around in there with kleenexes.

If it’s just a really runny nose, my #1 guess would be allergies. Try taking some kind of over-the-counter antihistamine for a week or two and see if it stops. Dimetapp is the least powerful and least likely to make you drowsy, then Chlortrimeton, then Benadryl, which will knock you right out if you’re like most people. All three of these are available in a generic or house brand (Osco, Kroger, Wal-Mart, etc.) for half the price of the brand-name.

I had already read Cecil’s article on noses producing excessive mucus during colds, but that subject doesn’t apply to me. I don’t have a cold to speak about.

Thanks for the advice though Duck Duck Goose. I will use your advice wisely, because yes i am suffering from too many <ahem> boogers.