Silverware, up or down?

My husband and I often debate about silly little things. One in particular is the way we put silverware into the dishwasher. My belief is that if you put the silverware in, it gets clean. My husband’s belief however is that if you don’t put them in with the handle down and the rounded or forked end up, it doesn’t get as clean. Which one of us is right?

Handle up! There is no question.

If you put it with the handle down how do you take it out of the dishwasher? You have to touch the part you eat with. Yucky!

Of course, I have a weird thing about spoons.

I just drop em in from about counter level. Whichever way they land, that’s how they get cleaned.

I’m thinking of backing up and going for distance…

What, like you don’t do this stuff?