Sim card smart phone

I have ATT service and am currently using an old Nokia 6126. If a purchase a used smart phone and stick in the sim will I have service, including the ability to access wirless networks. I really don’t care to have a data plan, but would like to access wireless hot spots if I can easily do so. I know I can place the Sim in a standard cell phone and get service, I am not so sure about a smart phone.

The iPhone 4 sim card is a different shape, so for an iPhone 4 it won’t work. However, we just got my daughter a 3Gs and took the sim card from her LG and it worked fine. She couldn’t access 3G network, but wireless just fine.

So, in your experience the iphone will not let my old Sim operate it, but smartphones produced by other manufacturers should? That is what I am looking for, buying a smart phone for 50 dollars or so and having a phone that works as a phone, and also as a platform to access WiFi networks.

Sprint android based phones don’t use a sim card so be careful what you buy.

Right. Like I said I have ATT service now and would like to keep it, so I am only interested in ATT phones. I will read everything twice to be sure I am getting what I want.

We just changed carriers (Alltel to Verizon)–if you want a Blackberry or HTC Touch they’re yours for shipping costs.

No. We bought my daughter an ATT iPhone 3Gs, transfered her ATT sim card from her old LG and the phone worked. She could n’t access the 3G network, but wireless was fine.

The SIM for an iPhone 4 is physically smaller, but the iPhone 3GS and older use regular SIM cards and should work just fine for calls, texts and wifi. If your SIM is an older one you might not be able to connect to 3G data networks, but my reading of your OP suggests this would not be an issue for you.

Tride, thank you for your generous offer. My take is that I could not get that phone to work on the ATT network.

Yes, I have no interest in access to 3G, but figure if I am getting a new phone I might as well purchase one that can access WiFi, as long as I can do so without purchasing a data plan.

WARNING! My service is with AT&T. I had a plain dumb Samsung phone which worked fine. But my Palm PDA died, and I couldn’t find a good replacement, so I bought a used AT&T Palm Centro on EBay and put my SIM card into it. For about a month, it worked great – the phone service was fine, I had a good PDA, and I didn’t have to pay for a data plan that I neither need nor want.

Then this past Thursday, AT&T realizes that I’m now using a smartphone, and so they automatically put me on a $25/month data plan!!! I am fighting this, because I don’t think I should have to pay for a service that I don’t want, don’t need, don’t use, and was not warned about. They claim that I was told in advance about this, but they are having trouble showing me where this appears on their website or in their contracts.


One thing you’ll want to keep an eye on, although you don’t care about 3G service, you may have access to it. If you use it you’ll get charged by the amount of data used, and it’s expensive…

I’ve done what you’re planning and exchanged the SIM card from a Razr and put in in a Samsung smart phone.
ETA: I have ATT too.

This happened to me too, but they didn’t switch me to a data plan, they just sent me a text message saying that they could tell that I was using an iphone and that I needed to switch my current voice plan to a voice+data plan. I went into a store and one of the salespeople told me to just switch-off the cellular data option in the iphone and that would allow me to continue using it on the non-data plan (and use wifi for data connectivity).

I have already had data blocked on all the family phones, so inadvertent usage should not be a problem. Having ATT advise you that they know you now have a smart phone is interesting. My wife recently upgraded her phone and was told she had to have the sim card replaced, which she did, but something about her conversation led her to postulate that her old SIM card would allow her to use a smart phone without data plan and that the new SIM card was capable of transmitting more information about what phone she was using to the carrier. Is this likely? I have a 7 or 8 year old sim card in my phone currently.

Your wife is not quite right, but on the correct lines. A 7 or 8 year old SIM won’t be able to access 3G data (though it may work for the older 2G data networks - they do here in the UK, don’t know about the US). Since most people who have smartphones do want a data plan (and a fair number of others don’t know what a “data plan” is but would want one if they did know) it’s common practice just to replace old SIMs when the opportunity arises.

It’s technically simple for a cellphone network operator to see what type of phone you use, whether it’s a smartphone or another type, regardless of the age and type of SIM.

I work for a UK operator and we would normally suggest to people with smartphones that they get a data plan, but we won’t force anyone onto such a plan if they really don’t want it.