Similarities between Bush Jr. and Saddam

  1. Both are quite willing to use their military.

  2. Both make sure they mention God as much as possible.

  3. Both feel this is a Holy War.

  4. Both feel the World is against them.

  5. Both are in fact hated by the World.

  6. Both have terrible diplomacy

  7. Both executed a lot of prisoners during their governments

  8. Both hate Osama Bin Laden

  9. Both “have” WMD.

  10. Both have/had troublesome kids.

  11. Both are low grade students and travelled little.

  12. Both have used the media to control their countries.

  13. Both hate Iran.

  14. Both say they dont Drink.

  15. Both listened to Donald Rumsfeld about going to War !!

  16. and finally both got Spanked by Bush Sr. !!!
    (fell free to add a few more… hehe)

Rashak, this is plain silly; I´m far from being a Bush supporter, but I have to draw the line somewhere, and this is a step or two past that line.
Besides, where´s the debate?

Just to show how silly the OP is, here are several more similarities Rashak missed:

  1. Both are carbon-based life forms.
  2. Both have not been seen at the same time with Napoleon Bonapart.
  3. Both believe that “Saturday Night Fever” was a terrible movie.
  4. Both are unable to properly pronounce “antidisestablishmentarianism.”
  5. Both secretly yearn for a Hong Kong Fooey live-action movie.
  6. Both have never been mistaken for a push-broom.


Both slaughtered thousands of their citizens…

… Oh wait.

Moderator’s Note: I don’t think this is really a debate; I think this is a rant.

Off to the Pit.

I’m gonna have to ask rjung for a cite on some of those…

You’re right, Darth… Saddam was indeed seen at the '98 UN Halloween party in a damn fine push broom costume.

Yep, it was downright mean of Shrub to use nerve gas on the Minnesotans. Sure they’re not of the same ethnicity as he is, but can’t he ignore those hapless northerners? And when he bombed the shit out of Florida, I really began to doubt his abilities to lead our great land into a new century. I thought his days of mindless, senseless war were over after that hugely wasteful, meaningless war against Canada. That lasted what, a decade? And it solved nothing! Nothing changed!

Of course, now I must try to leave the country. When his children find me, there’s no telling how long I’ll live.

  1. Both feel the World is against them.
  2. Both are in fact hated by the World.

Actually, I don’t think Bush feels the world is against him. Saddam may have had a similar attitude, until recently.

Bush seems to be popular with the majority in this country. I know many people in the UK and Australia who, like the pro-Bush folks on this landmass, are pro-Bush and have pro-Bush friends and feel they are all in the majority.

However, and few people know this - they not only have the same shoe size, but each man requires a corn pad on his left little toe!


  1. Both, except Bush, have mustaches cite
  • Rune
  1. Both have written a romantic novel (GWB’s nom de plume is Priscilla Diamante).

Both are the subject of OPs that make us wonder if someone’s meds need to be adjusted.


Um, I am far from a Bush supporter, but this is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long time.

  1. Both are fond of breathing.

  2. Both are very fond of Oil wells.

  3. Both look silly in uniform, but insist on putting one on for the media.

Do I get an officially Bush Apologista stick pin* now?

  • Which is the likeness of an ostrich sticking his head in the sand, fashioned out of fool’s gold, with “In Rush We Trust” inscribed on the front, and a medic alert tag on the back stating “In Case on Independant Thoughts Please Place In Front of TV tuned to Fox News Channel for Reeducation”


Now that was a good one !
28) Both have action figures too !!

Actually I always thought that if the Bush family had emigrated to Iraq 200 years ago, Bush jr would have been Uday.

Perhaps a Reeder/Rashak similarity list can be started. I’ll give the first go:

  1. Both start moronic anit-Bush thread rants in GD.
  1. Both of them have a secretary named Lincoln.

One of its legs is both the same?