Simo Häyhä - how?

Is there a book that details how Simo Häyhä managed to kill over 500 people while running around in the forest?
Did anyone ever sit down and document his story?

I just can’t figure out how he never was not killed. There are other snipers who seem to have managed this as well.

Here’s a book about him.



He nearly was killed. The Soviets directed artillery at him. Half his face was shot off with an explosive round.

In terms of his technique, the Soviets called him ‘White Death’ - all white camouflage in snow would make him pretty invisible. He also used a rifle with no scope to avoid giving away his position via reflection from the glass.

Here’s a site that has a bit of info on him:

Snipers typically shoot from an appreciable distance. If they’re well camouflaged, and properly choose/prepare the place they shoot from, they can be virtually impossible to see. Even if someone happens to be facing them and sees the muzzle flash, the distance gives the sniper plenty of time to get elsewhere before the shooting spot is reached.

It’s been a long while since I last read about Häyhä, but he had certain qualities besides nerves of steel and incredible shooting skills that helped him survive and keep on sniping. Häyhä was exceptionally small, and could comfortably fit into places an ordinary-size guy would’ve been useleless in. He also had the ability to fall asleep anywhere, quickly, meaning he was working with full faculties even when perched in a treetop for days on end. He was also a very light eater, sustaining himself with little food over long periods of time.

Häyhä used open sights in contrast to most snipers, due to the propensity of a scope for getting frosty and useless in the winter woods. Sunlight reflecting off the scope lense could also reveal his location. Thirdly, aiming with the scope required raising one’s head just a couple centimeters higher than when using iron sights, increasing the likelihood of getting killed.

Häyhä would freeze the snow surrounding his post to keep it from flying around from the muzzle blast when shooting, exposing his location. He reportedly also kept snow in his mouth to the same end, as water vapor off a breath is seen for quite some distance in sub-zero temperatures.