Simon and Garfunkle -- lounge lizards

An open letter to Simon and Garfunkle:

You still sound great! I was probably as surprised as you two were when I saw your appearance on Letterman. But it’s about time to hang it up, fellas.

Art, I didn’t think you were capable of losing more hair. Your teeth are even more of an orthodontist’s wet dream. And you still do that funky thing with your mouth when you sustain a note.

Paul, you’ve become an 87-year-old Sicilian widow… minus the black dress. I didn’t think you could’ve gotten any smaller but you’re rapidly becoming a Pokeman. Did your guitar always look that big when you played?

You came back once and I’m still an afficianado of the Central Park Concert. I’ve even got it on DVD. But let’s face it, you’ve just about gotten enough mileage out of five studio albums.

Yes, you can still pack Madison Square Garden. And folks’ll stride past the gaming tables to see you in A.C. (even when tickets are going for better’n $250)

But, my friends, enough is enough. Someone has to tell you and it might as well be me… it’s time to quit.

And let’s not get started on KISS.

Oh, let’s. :smiley:
On the OP:

Even Paul was the more sucessful of the two, solo-wise, I have more respect for Art than I’ll ever be able to muster up for Paul.

After hearing Paul mutilate “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, I realized that there was no god.

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Eh, he did write the thing after all.

Simon and Garfunkel were (and are) the Beatles of duets. Why should they stop playing now? I mean these two dudes can only stand each other’s professional company for so long, then they run off their seperate ways anyways.

These two are tops in my book.

May be, but he still can’t sing it worth a crap.

I’ll tell you the truth, even though Simon usually gets credited as the more artistically viable one, I’ve really come to appreciate some of Art’s solo records. When he finds the right material (and his taste can be spotty), nobody comes within screaming distance of the guy. Anyone with a copy of Watermark can attest to the brilliance of his reworking of another old English ballad, “She Moved Through the Fair.” Really just Scarborough Fair Part Deux, but man. Every sequel should be this good.

I think we should only be entitled to telling musicians to retire once the Strolling Bones call it quite. And not a day earlier.

(if you ask me, I’d rather good musicians played till their burial. Some even beyond that. :wink: There are so many mediocre ones trashing the airwaves. Why quit if you can still deliver?)

whoa yeah, “she moved through the fair” can give you goosebumps just reading the lyrics. when someone with just the right voice, and a good interpretation sings it, you are chilled through.

I’m really glad they’ve gotten back together. I’m 19, so I wasn’t around for their last tour, and was much too young to travel to see them in 1993 in NYC, but I’m a huge fan. In fact I’m leaving to see them live in Las Vegas in one week. I can’t wait! The reasons I like them are probably mostly the same as the reasons why anyone likes them, namely intelligent songwriting (on the part of Paul), and excellent singing. That combination seems remarkably absent from the popular music being produced these days.

P.S. Art Garfunkel’s last name is not spelled “Garfunkle”. :stuck_out_tongue: